What colour are you?



Which of the five colours of Magic do you think you fit the most in?(not which colour you play or like to play the most)

I think I'd be some sort of strange mesh of blue and white, because I'm relatively clever, know a multitude of various trivial things, but also have a clear set of values, and stay out of trouble.


I'm more of a black.. eh.. a little blue...

I don't like to do anything unless it benefits me in some way.


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I like to think that I'm Green w/ a splash of Red. I tend to take the brute force aproach to everything and overreact to everything...


"Subtlety? What's that?"


Spiderman, don't forget your splash colour of red spandex!


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Heh, if we were going by costume, yeah, I'd be blue and red. Heck, I'd be red just because it's my favorite color. But since it was personality wise, I figured strictly blue was best :)

Killer Joe

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I'm Blue because I have a 'controlling' personality
I'm Green because I appreciate natural things like beauty in all people
I'm a splash of Black because, well, I don't like to kiss and tell ;)


I'm rather White currently. I like to play massive enchantment effects which coddle and console me, like a blanket fresh out of the dryer.

Though currently I am really enjoying Black/Green...because sometimes you just have to pound faces in.

Yeah, I nearly got smacked down hard for equating the 5 colors of magic to a different kind of intimate companion...

White - A comforting soul and stalwart protector with impeccable aesthetics yet displaying amazing temperance. Always ready with a warm smile, a loving embrace and a soothing touch.

Black - So naughty, the sort that likes to inflict pain upon you. But the pain teaches you and makes you stronger, a better person, and will show you the way to destroy your enemies with a skillful, calculated touch.

Blue - Mysterious and unfathomable, the kinda person that once you think you have it figured out will change and remold. You constantly chase them, and they love run from you to do their own thing, but can only grasp at vapor...but it sure is fun unravelling these enigmas if this is the kind of companion you want.

Red - The passionate wild-child so expect a roller-coaster of angry-highs and even angrier lows. The kind that enjoys constant physical testing like wrestling and just when you think you've them pinned, they will smack you with a surprise hook to the face and bite your hamstring with an amazing reach and super-fast reflexes!

Green - Playful, quizzical, and kinda like a very big dog that's a loyal, striaghtforward companion (and cute). No tricks, no surpsises, just constant, steady and stong and values the same in you. Can be rather spiteful against those that are not simpatico (like black, blue).


I'm Blue/Red. I value knowledge, intelligence, and forethought, but sometimes I just like to bust loose.


According to a lot of the readers at Star City and Brainburst/AGN, I'd be blue. Why? Because they already printed me as a card (at least they'd say so):


But actually I happen to be skin colored, which is kinda funny seeing as how I'm supposed to be blue. Yep...oh, except when I'm bleeding. Then I'm red for some reason. Dunno why...