What changes would you like me to make to the mission statement?

Discussion in 'CPA/WOTC Magic Issues' started by Baron Sengir, Apr 30, 2000.

  1. Baron Sengir CPA Founder, Vampire Legend

    Greetings, members of the Alliance.

    I just came from TomB's article and read his post here. I agree with a lot of things said there but I wanted to know what you thought. I would like anyone with a suggestion for the Mission Statement to post it here and after a couple of days, I'll get a revised statement out for you all to preview and tell me if you dig it.

    We can do this democratically. (Sorry, Gizmo :))So if you have a problem with the statement or just have a suggestion, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

    I remain
    The Baron
    running out of pithy little comments to put here ...
  2. TomB Administrative Assistant

    OK. It's time, I think, to open this up for discussions on the changes needed to the Mission Statement. I know quite a few things were proposed in the topic on the Ratification, but I think the Baron's looking for something a little more focused here, so he doesn't have to sift through all the other commentary to figure out what's needed. Please try to limit yourselves to the specific things you'd like to see changed, and what you'd like to see instead.

    Thanks. :D
  3. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    I think the existing one is vague and narrow.
    It should be more specific, and include a commitment to the apolitical chat rooms - a home for all casual players, not just people who want to change the game.
  4. Seeker of Truth New Member

    I'm wondering exactly what the mission of the CPA is, quite frankly. I wonder if the object of the CPA is to act as a "suggestion box" for people who are upset with something that WotC has done and that these complaints will somehow reach the ears (or computers) of WotC itself, or if this site is dedicated more to providing a place where people can talk about Magic without having to mention the metagame, or card advantage, or mana curves.

    To be quite honest, I think this site has done a tremendous job of being accessible and inviting to all players of Magic, and everyone here is relatively supportive of each other. Right now there is discussion on the new Prophecy set, with everyone giving their own opinion of the cards, and nobody has to feel stupid or out-of-place if they disagree with someone else. I know that I'm a relatively new member of this forum, but the part I like best about the CPA is being able to discuss things about Magic that I just don't get an opportunity to do otherwise.

    As for the idea of acting as a go-between so that comments from unhappy players can reach WotC, I don't know how much we can expect WotC to listen to us, although the idea of emails that are headed by "Official correspondence from the CPA" sounds rather impressive. I think the key is, if this is the route that people feel is best, that WotC realizes just how many people are represented by this forum, and that the opinions expressed by this one email not only cover the majority of the people in the CPA, but by extension, we can say that the general sentiment of non-professional Magic players should be similar to our sample. Of course, some would disapprove of this idea of assuming that what the CPA thinks is what the general Magic population thinks, but I feel that if members take the time to make their opinions known, the opinions expressed here would be, as I said, similar to what the public would say about the state of Magic. There is no other way to even hope that WotC will listen to an organization like the CPA unless they realize that more people than just ourselves feel the way we do.

    Personally, I feel that this site does an excellent job of making everyone feel welcome and accepted, which is something that WotC does not do with the emphasis it places on high-level tournament play (and the accompanying lack of ethics and honor), and I think that it is that idea of openness and camaraderie that is the real legacy of the CPA.

    WotC may never listen to us, but at least we still listen to each other, which, in some ways, is even more important.
  5. TomB Administrative Assistant

    I find it hard to believe that only Gizmo and Seeker of Truth want to have input into how the Mission Statement is to be re-written. C'mon people! 14 of you voted to rewrite it into something you can agree with, but only 2 of you responded with what exactly those changes should be?


    Does this mean Gizmo was right all along?

    This site started out as an action group of about a dozen people who were upset with the way WotC had handled several issues, including the Waylay ruling. It was created as a way for casual players to get their opinions heard by WotC on these issues. To learn more, here's the url for the Mission Statement: http://www.magic-singles.com/cpa/mission.shtml

    It has evolved into something more than that though, and the original purpose for the site very nearly got lost in the meantime, due to some problems that were encountered along the way. Now many of those problems have been dealt with, but, still, we hesitate to take that next step.

    Mostly it's due to our dualistic nature, I think, being "Casual" yet thinking "Activist", and the fear that has been expressed by several of our members that pursuing our original goals here will change that "inviting" feel you mentioned. Personally, I feel that nothing would change, except that when we discuss issues like we always do we'd be doing it in a way that would serve to alert WotC to our thoughts in a professional manner instead of bothering them with semi-coherent, random ranting.

    Kinda' like what you said. ;)

    You're right, too, in what you said about how it's even more important that we listen to each other the way we do. But it's kinda' hard when our members fail to speak up when something this vital is on the table. All I've heard for the past 3 days is silence.

  6. Seeker of Truth New Member

    ...OK, cheesy MTV reference notwithstanding,


    As I said, if there is some kind of professional-style communication between representatives of WotC and representatives of the CPA, it's important to let WotC know that it's not just 300 or so people who are upset with whatever the issue is. There are thousands more out there who feel the same way about every issue, and although that also means that there are thousands out there who disagree (since we will have people who disagree with those who are in support of action), those who think a particular WotC decision is bad should not be ignored.

    Although I think that a higher value has been placed on the community aspect by more recent members, you are part of the "founders'" group, and so you would have a better understanding of what it is you wanted to do with this site, and so you could decide to continue to support the community aspect, but also allow for more serious discussion on any important issue concerning WotC or Magic.

    I think that the response (or lack thereof) to this question has shown that many members of this forum, most of whom are much more recent additions than you (not to make you feel old or anything ;) ), don't really have an opinion, one way or another, on the question of the Mission Statement. However, I think that a question with more immediate repercussions (such as the current discussion on prerelease tournament experiences being held in the General CPA forum) may get a much better response.

    You can see from the results of the most recent Voting Booth question, that certain issues are more important to people than others. To be quite honest, many of the really tough issues concerning Magic only have an impact on tournament-level players, so the casual players in this forum will not have any opinion on those issues. I think that it's tough to find problems in casual play that WotC has not addressed and that people are willing to discuss, not that there aren't any.

    I get the idea you're pitching, though, and I think it would be a good idea, as long as discussions would be serious and geared towards improvement of Magic, rather than vilifying WotC. After all, how can the CPA be taken seriously by WotC if people only talk about how much they hate WotC, the R&D department, etc.?

    In any case, I think it would be good to revisit the goals that the CPA was created for, since those goals are the reason why we are even able to discuss Magic in this kind of community. As I said before, however, I think the best part of the CPA is its acceptance of diverse opinions, and I think that the mission statement of the CPA should also have something in it that recognizes this community-oriented structure and atmosphere as part of what makes the CPA distinctive, and different from The Dojo or even Brainburst. It is, after all, part of what you're trying to do here.

    As for those of you who voted but haven't expanded on your votes, all I have to say is that I always vote when I have an opinion on something, and I always have an opinion on something. Surely, if you voted, you must have an opinion, and this forum (and this entire site) is here so that you can give your opinions freely.
  7. theorgg Slob

    the only part that needs to be revised is the "WOTC does not seem to be listening to us, the casual player" part. It should read WOTC puts more emphasis(sp?) on the professional player than us, the silent majority, the casual player. It is time for us to have voice"

    that's about it, for my revision.
  8. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    I been trying to stay out of this but now i'll share my 2 cents. This place is cool. Whatever changes come, I think the best way to go about about is to welcome everyone.
  9. Gumby Khan New Member

    The mission statement issue was unknown to me, until now. I guess if there is a vote, I would vote for a small change. I agree mostly with Seeker that getting WOTC/DCI to bow down to our masses is not an important factor for me. I enjoy the community here and know that this forum will offer me a voice and allow me to listen to many different ideas and views. That is the reason I keep coming back and if that ever changes, I'll cry for a moment and press on. If there was an official channel to WOTC, I think most of us here could bring valuable input to them. Serious, analytical discussion on aspects of Magic that WOTC may have overlooked. If we never get their attention, so be it. WOTC will come looking for us, if their product stops selling, albeit too late. My vote is to add emphasis to the community here at CPA and portray this site as more of a gathering of friends with different opinions on Magic. IMHO, this will attract more new players and we can open their eyes to aspects of Magic they never thought of. Maybe even share experiences to better their gameplay or enjoyment of the game. Remember, new players are the future of Magic and WOTC. If we take them young, we can train them to be expert killers (oops, did I type that out loud?) J/K.

    Seriously, lets make the goal of the CPA to document and preserve Magic, share ideas, and invite new players into open discussion. Sorry, my two cents is up to a $1.00 now.
  10. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    Here's my problem with the mission statement: I have no goal here. I mean I want to learn about the game and enjoy playing it and seeing it in action, but that's nothing you can put on a banner. I'm not eager to turn the CPA into a WOC suggestion box. Nor a home for all the lost souls from the dojo. I like being able to post my dumb decks, and see other people post theirs. I like being able to go through six blue decks without hitting morphling once, and see green minus the $200 that the pipers and treefolk and thorns and rhoxs cost. I like the Casual part of the CPA.
    I don't know why this was created, but I do know why I went here instead of the dojo: this is magic, alternative style. Ladies and gentlemen, we are sitting on the home of rogue decks! I love seeing cards used in new and creative ways. The mission statement, if we have one, should be to explore the potential in Magic: the gathering. We are not a vigilante rules council (god willing, we never will be) we are not a metagame, tournament-based, high energy, competative site. We take a good long look at magic, and see what pops up. We are the face of every magiv player with under $50! I introduce all my enwbie friends to this site, because the decks here are ihnexpensuive, effective, and fun. I salute Istanbul, for "Balls!" and I salute the rhystic deck, and I salute merfolk and orcs everywhere.
  11. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    Short version: I have a dream, that one day on the red hills of Hasbro, orcs and thrulls will roam free (I know I'm miquoteing someone here, but who?). Keep CPA casual, the cheap, alternative, relaxed, FUN site. Don't make us do rulings or treat uf like a WOTC advisory board. And don't make us into the enxt Dojo. This is how magic should be.
  12. Gizmo Composite: 1860


    Does this mean I win?

  13. Multani Treetrunk Guy

    Tag Guard

    We're not done yet Gizmo.
    I agree with everyone that said the Mission Statement should have a section about the CPA being a place where casual players meet and discuss and play Magic as it should be played.
    Also it should be a founder narrating the Statement.
    I still believe that we should try to establish official communication with WOTC. However it should only be a secondary goal.
    Our primary goal should be to welcome more players-casual or pro. There, I've said my 2 cents, if you can call it that.
  14. TomB Administrative Assistant

    Point taken, but, to be honest, Duel's statement here was the first outright negative response we've had to the idea of passing on to WotC the results of our casual polling. Not to take anything away from what he said (and I wish he had said it sooner!), I think it's already been determined that the majority of our people wish to do this. THIS thread was intended to be used by us to help the Baron figure out exactly what we want changed about the Statement.

    Anyone else notice that Baron hasn't been around much lately? Of course, considering the time of the year, that's to be expected, being that he's a college student. I'm sure that once he gets settled in for the summer he'll cut us a new Mission Statement, and it'll be one most of us (if not all of us) will support.

    Thank you, for speaking out. I can assure you, that nothing will change about the feel of this site when and if we follow through with this idea. The only difference I foresee will be an occasional posting of the notice Tony will be sending to WotC to let them know what we think, for our approval. Outside of that, it will be business as usual in the forums... ;)

    Oh, and God forbid we turn into the Dojo, or at least what the Dojo turned into. Making this into a place for PTP's to self-aggrandize was NEVER the intent here. Maybe, in a way, we'll become what the Dojo SHOULD have evolved into...

    An open forum for ALL players of this great game to come together.

    That is MY dream. :D
  15. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    Don`t worry, I was only joking and trying to get some more replies on this topic. We need a 'I`m only yanking your chain' Smiley, I use the winky one but people don`t always get it.

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