What card makes you cry



It happened to everybody ...

opening a booster and feeling like throwing it in the trash can.

Poll : what is the worst card you can get out of a booster (lets make it per expansion if you like, with an all time "favorite".

For me : the card that really pissed me off recently was illusions of grandeur.

I bought 2. Then one week later I bought 6 packs of Ice age and got 3 ... ARRRGGGHHH

honorable mention to Sengir Autocrat ..



I don't think I have ever been truly saddened upon opening a pack, although I have pulled my share of crap, (Thoughtlash, Lurking skirge, Rapid decay). Usually my uncommons make up for bad rares, and occasionally even a good common can be enough.
And remember, anything that you don't want there is a magic player out there just slavering to get their hands on it. Right Mr Pestilence? ;)

The Magic Jackal

Nemesis- Pale Moon
MM- Common Cause
Destiny- Carnival Of souls
Legacy- Memory Jar (It's banned!)
Saga- Anything having to do with the word hidden or opal
Exodus- Volrath's dungeon
Stronghold- dream halls
Tempest- cool set, no complaints

I have blocked out all of the other bad rares from the previous sets. all i can remeber is hammer of bogardens and serra angels :)


Nemesis- Pale Moon
MM- Karn's Touch
Destiny- Carnival of Souls
Legacy- Radiant Archangel (I've pulled almost 20 of these)
Saga- Anything hidden
Exodus- Oath of Mages
Stronghold- Sphere of Resistance
Tempest- Kezzerdrix
Weatherlight- Avizoa
Visions- Phyrexian Marauder
Mirage- Sunweb
Alliances- Urza's Engine
Homelands- Aysen highway
Chronicals- Cyclone
Ice Age- Pygmy Alosaurus
Fallen Empires- Balm of Restoration
The Dark- Niall Silvain
Legends- Crimson Manticore
Antiquities- Coral Helm
Arabian Nights- Repentant Blacksmith
6th edition- hurricane
5th edition- Wyluli Wolf
Any other basic set- Laces


I opened four consecutive sixth edition packs to four consecutive Stormgald Cabals. I never found a dekc for them, I never found a use for them. To this day, I'm pretty sure I have four or five of them floating around somewhere.


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Since the original question was worst card, I'd have to nominate land in the Revised boosters. What a waste of a slot!

I've found Volrath's Dungeon to be useful to be a nice delaying tactic (if your opponent's not using additional card drawing), and then when he realizes what it's doing to be an auto 5 damage or fodder for a disenchant. Probably works well with Squee but I haven't tried it yet.

Isn't Stromgald Cabal the one that counters white spells? If it is, that one had possibilities with sleights/hacks and a general knight deck.


I've never opened a pack of Nemesis or MM, but if I did..

Nemesis - Just one? That's hard... so many trash cards to choose from... Pale Moon, absolutely worthless, see above
MM - 110 rares, 105 of them are total grabage... anything that's not a port, wumpus, mask, bowl etc would piss me off, see above
Destiny - Carnival of Souls
Legacy - Memory Jar
Saga - Hidden crap
Exodus - Thalakos Drifters
Stronghold - none
Exodus - none
Mirage/Visions/Weatherlight - memory isn't that good

The Magic Jackal

What's a better black enchantment parallax nexus or volraths dungeon? do i really have to ask that?


Or Onulet.
Or Urza`s Incubator.
Or...(we could be here for a while)

Hmm. Toughy between Dungeon and Nexus - probably Nexus because you can empty your hand AND use it.

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I recently bought a pack of sixth edition and got a rag man! The store owner felt so sorry for me that he gave me a free pack of nemesis. Guess what I got. Pale moon. I almost felt like crying. Why god why!!! Why did wotc have to be jerks and print this card. Why couldn't they have put something good like morphling. Urza's block was the block of broken cards. Masques block on the other hand, is the block of torn cards (most of my nemesis cards are torn and being fed to the fireplace). I say everyone should play pale moon decks so they can ban pale moon and put it on the redemption list. I would be happy for 5 more chances at blinding angels and lin sivvis.


I didnt like the US block. Sure, alor ofpower cards were there, but most were crap crap. Worse than MM/Ne (Not that I dont like them ) crap. Once in a while you got a bargain or negator or somethin but I dont like it that way. I'd rather have a couple of crap rares (NE) than 75% of crap rares (US block). I HATE MAGISTRATES TOWER! WHO WOULD WANT THIS CARD!

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Now now, children. I know we've all pulled cards that truly make us question whether or not the dartboard method really works for R&D :), but, I think it's possible for these cards to have a use. I'd like to Donate Carnival of Souls to my opponent. I also could use the Carnival in a black/white lifegain, creature beatdown deck. Hmmm... Soul Warden/Dark Ritual/Scrubland type of deck with Black Knights, Fallen Askari, Congregate, and Spirit Links. Technically, a first turn Carnival of Souls could empty your hand. (Hey! Dark Ritual replacement!) All you really need is a way to refill your hand quickly and gain life back. (Hell, go to the decks section. I'm gonna try - like many others - to break this card!)

Card that makes me cry most? Any rare growing enchantment in Urza's Saga.


I think that Wizards may be under the mistaken assumption that we play with more non-basic lands than we do.
Nobody likes pale moon, that has been confirmed time and again. The problem is that it is an anti-nonbasic land card. (how's that for a lot of prefix ing)
There have been a few of these released in a number of sets, all to often as rares, (skyshroud war beast) and they are sideboard quality cards at best.

However, pale moon does have its uses, the MM nb lands are quite effectively shut down by it.

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Pale moon sucks against the t2 lands. All nonbasic lands except for cradle and man lands are not even affected by pale moon since they tap for colorless anyway. Pale moon is at best a one-turn land stopper against a stompy deck that uses cradles and treetops, but there are much better cards for that (parallax tide and turnabout).


Pale Moon would be great if it were an Enchantment, like Blood Moon. As it is, I just don't see it being useful in any situation, even theoretical.

OK, maybe in Type I, if you wanted to stop your opponent from going off for a turn. But even then, I think I would play Mana Short (or Mana Drain) before I played Pale Moon. Even then I doubt it would be much of a hindrance, because of Moxes and Black Lotus.

Always willing to take in homeless Thrashing Wumpuseseses.


Ophidian! Man, that card sucks. j/k

I'm going to count down the worst cards in my opinion, by set, starting with nemesis

But really, I cant see why pale moon was printed in the first place. It just plain sucks.

Security Detail? What the hell was that? I want to know if anyone has used this card.

I was going to keep going backwards, but I ran out of time. Next time, I'll pick up with masticore.

"This should be interesting.."


Okay. I've opened packs of everything but Alpha, Beta, and Arabian Nights, so I'll tell you what's made me cringe.

UNLIMITED, REVISED, 4TH ED.: All laces but Deathlace, and even that made be cringe.
5TH ED: Akron Legionnaire.
6TH ED: Doomsday.
ANTIQUITIES: Bronze Tablet.
LEGENDS: Alchor's Tomb.
THE DARK: Sorrow's Path.
CHRONICLES: Any of the (then-unplayable) elder dragons.
ICE AGE: Formation.
ALLIANCES: Royal Decree.
MIRAGE: Bazaar of Wonders.
VISIONS: Righteous War.
TEMPEST: Chaotic Goo.
EXODUS: Oath of Mages.
URZA'S SAGA: Barrin, Master Wizard.
URZA'S LEGACY: Scrapheap.
NEMESIS: Pale Moon.
UNGLUED: Everything; I didn't buy it for the rares. ;)


Oh, and, Ophidian? Security Detail is pretty awful, yes, but it can be activated as an instant to keep Worship up and running.