What are your top 5 most memorable cards?

Discussion in 'Classic Questions' started by Oversoul, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    I recently saw a video that posed this question. I'll find the video again at some point. I gave it some thought and found restricting it to just five cards to be a bit challenging. There are so many that would be honorable mentions, or ones that I'd really want to include. If it was "top 100" or something I could rattle off a bunch of cards, but top 5? I settled on these ones, myself...

    Dark Ritual
    Force of Will
    Wheel of Fortune
    Sol Ring

    Several other cards would be strong contenders, but this being so subjective, I tried to be honest with myself and that's what I came up with. I was tempted to try to strike some sort of balance, either by listing one card of each color or by showcasing cards from different eras of the game. I was also tempted to squeeze in some Power 9 cards or some obscure cards that hardly anyone used. But my most memorable decks/games/plays didn't follow a progression of the game's development over 20+ years, follow a strict color balance, or delve into very obscure cards. And I didn't actually get much gameplay in with Power 9 cards.

    Later, I looked at the video comments. I found the results interesting. Based on my very cursory examination, I noticed two distinct groups...

    1. People who chose 1990's cards exclusively or almost exclusively. Obviously I fall into this category. Several of the people apparently owned a piece of the Power 9 or other big, chase rare that was famous or expensive even back then, and of course it made their lists.
    2. People who mostly chose cards from the 2010's. Often they stated when it was they started playing, and they were much newer to the game than, well, us old-timers.

    Of course not every single person fits neatly into one of those two groups, but it seemed like it captured the majority of commenters. Anyway, I thought it was an interesting question to ask oneself, and was reminiscent of the topics in this subforum.

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