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There's a new radio station in the 'Burgh called "The Beat". It's format is Classic Soul , the wife and & I have been listening to it alot lately.

Some of the artists are:
Earth, Wind & Fire
The Commodors
Bootsy Collins
Early Luther Vandross
to name a few.

Jazz is still my favorite, it's so eclectic because it has so many variations:
Jazz Fusion (Rock and Funk crossed with Jazz)
Piano Jazz
Jazz Waltz
Jazz Ballads
Jazz Blues

However, I did recently buy my two little ones (7 & 4 yr olds) "Kidz Bop"



HEEEEEAVY METAL!!! a lot of it!! dimmu borgir, children of bodom and all that

Thallid Ice Cream Man

Damn, my thoughts on music have changed since I posted that other thing (and edited it 8 months ago).

I want to make some kind of music as a career. As long as I can focus on the music (or maybe lyrics) I don't mind "selling out" a little. See Hooker with a Penis by Tool (I bought Ænima this week :D) for my stance on the issue. If people want to play my music everywhere, good for them. I can use the money to live fairly comfortably and make more music. Now if you define selling out as letting other people get at your music creatively, then I guess I do mind selling out. I also don't want to be a poser.

Assuming that we're not talking about record labels, I think Bob et al. should say indie. I know what Ferret is talking about when he mentions his disgust with the "alternative" scene right now, and I share it... There is an "alternative" rock station here that gets fans by overplaying the latest 20 singles (and random songs off The Wall, curiously enough). It's not alternative at all. Once they even admitted to a relationship with ClearChannel. (I'm considering naming a band or song FCC: f*** Clear Channel)
I hope we can help college radio hold on.

I have a very eclectic taste in music. I'll listen to almost anything, unless it bores me. There is some stuff I would not listen to unless forced (see way below).

Generally I like a lot of punk, mostly early and/or fast punk. Slow punk bores me unless the lyrics have a good message or just sound good.

Some emo is OK, as long as it isn't whiny like a bad pop song or something.

I like punk and progressive rock at the same time, even though no one is supposed to do that. Prog is pretty much all decent for me, except when people put noodling on the record to take up more time, that bores me. I really like some prog, but right now I'm into other kinds of music with prog influences. I find progressive pop, for instance, to be much more inclusive of other potentially interesting influences than actual prog.

I like almost all metal, especially 70s and early 80s metal. Late 80s pop metal or guitar driven wankfest crap from the late 80s is less than great though (although I have respect for true innovators in those areas, like malmsteen. also prog metal rocks).
Unfortunately there is one Linkin Park song I like (not "somewhere I belong"), because it's catchy. That is all.

Classic rock can be good. At its worst it is either too slick and poppish, or not slick and boring, but generally it is good. It's just as corporate as rock today though.

I have varying degrees of respect for different rappers although I don't know rap very well. Rap is ok. Its strength for me is in its rhythm, because I do not pretend to be a poor boy from the streets.

Country, actually, is good as a background, or as unusual pop music. Probably it helps that I don't hear it too much because I live north of the mason dixon line. Bluegrass and western tend to be better overall IMO.

Pop is ok for that too although the lyrics tend to get annoying sometimes. With good pop I like to deconstruct the arrangements in my mind. This includes pop based on just about anything else, although I class pop punk differently.

I have liked every single industrial track I've ever heard, which is to say, some NIN. :p There was this one Ministry track also... Anyway I want to get more and I think I will start with KMFDM.

Dance music (as one of the hundreds of related styles) is pretty good. I should classify it differently, as background type music, except that's what dance music is supposed to be. Once you've listened to a lot of it you can probably appreciate tiny modulations in the mostly repetitive music, but I'm not there yet. It doesn't help that I'm underage and I can't go to raves... (even if there were 16+ raves my parents wouldn't let me...)
I like "intelligent" dance music too.

I sometimes like listening to various kinds of world music, though it is a plus when I understand enough of the words to know what the song is about. I tend to ignore a lot of it thought, because there is too much to keep track of it seems... My favorite "world" band is probably Inca Son, a Spanish/Peruvian guitar/panpipes type band who I saw with my school last year... twice.

I like pretty well lots of other kinds of "black" music, including reggae and soul, and motown, and blues, and gospel, if that is "black" music. I have a slightly disturbing affinity for overproduced late 80s-early 90s R&B. But I'll see if I can control it... You won't see any Vannessa Williams fetish shrines from me just yet... :rolleyes: ;)
I am enthusiastic to the idea of dub and curious to get some... Any suggestions?
My favorite "black" music is funk. Funk kicks my white ass and I like it.

Jazz is good, especially from when it was hardcore. It's good for the brain and when I study music theory next year I hope to spend lots of time on that.

I will also inevitably spend time on classical music, which I respect and will probably like -- although to say that one likes classical music is pretty stupid because there is a lot of diversity in that category. But I like just about anything with the richness of an orchestra, and I like hearing accomplished composers' music even if their tiny compositional modulations don't enthrall me. Modern orchestral music is good too.

The new age music I've heard is from bland to good. I haven't heard any Delerium or Enigma yet, I should hear that. Mostly I've heard Vangelis, stuff Jon Anderson of Yes has done, and Andreas Vollenweider, this weird German harpist guy. And of course DÛke.

I almost forgot ambient or minimalist music, like the stuff Brian Eno pioneered... that's really good too, and I might end up writing that.

"Post rock" and indie and truly alternative bands tend to be pretty good in my book. Partly this is because I like music that is different, and I like a change of pace. Also my weird sense of humor comes into play. These bands can combine a lot of elements of other music I like, sometimes prog too. Sometimes I embrace bands that are unrelated to that distinction, just because they're weird, like Oingo Boingo or Ozric Tentacles.

There are some kinds of music I hate, a few more than I first thought:
Pop-punk where the punks act and talk like pop stars (and some kinds of emo, remember emo started as punk). When that happens, the music sucks AND the lyrics annoy me. This is a very bad combination.

Rap metal has pretty much overstayed its welcome. It's the low-budget pr0n of the music world.

I don't like softer 40s-50s style jazz songs. The music is like pop, but without the hooks, and the lyrics aim for a nostalgic, comfortable, Disney-ified view of life and love and emotions that I literally could never approach. By the time WWII was over, jazz had crossed over long enough ago that "jazz" could be churned out by the pop machines for soft pop consumption. In older jazz songs, or even "smooth jazz," there is enough going on for me to enjoy listening, but poppy muzaky socially conservative jazz sucks. They have made stuff like that to this day; I know this because my dad listens to this crap while we're converting the attic this summer. It is the worst music to work to ever, because the limp vocals and crappy lyrics make you pay attention, but nothing compelling or interesting is delivered. I hold a lot of musical soundtracks in the same esteem.

I dislike "Christian music" made by people now. Older songs like hymns or carols are ok, and I don't have such a gut reaction to music of other religions.

In my experience all corporate pop made nowadays in other countries is complete and utter crap. J-rock is pop too. Sorry.

I hate patriotic songs, across any genre, because they tend to come off as fake.

And of course, sometimes a song just sucks, but you can't classify that very easily, other than to say CRAP.

Singular artists that I admire (in no order) :
Iron Maiden
King Crimson
Talking Heads
Peter Gabriel
Aphex Twin
Dead Kennedys
Nine Inch Nails

I hope there are more later in my life but those are the artists I think are really good right now. After I've had some sleep I might give a full band list, but I think you get the picture :cool: :rolleyes: :D :D

I just enjoy music, that's all.

EDIT: Goddammit I forgot folk. :D Oh well. Folk is pretty good too.

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Making sure the sub-text for your use of the word "Pop" is understood: 'Pop' is the short word for 'pop'ular which means many people enjoy it and THAT's what makes it popular. So popular couldn't possibly suck overall becuase then it wouldn't be popular.

Young adults (ages 17-22) are in the middle of trying to break out into their own person, so anything associated with their recent adolescent past, parents or younger siblings (like taste in music) is OFF LIMITS!

Good music endures and that can only be known many years from the time it was made. Why is Classical, Renaissance, Romantic and other types from 2 to 3 hundred years ago still studied and liked? Because it's good music. Why are people still listening to the Ramones but not Cyndi Lauper? Because good music endures.

With that said, not eveyone HAS to like good music. I just don't get RAP, never did, never will. In fact, I had said to my friends back in the early Eighties that soon enough Rap WILL die and we music citizens can get back to our lives. PFFT! It's still plagues us today, why? Because even though in a music theory sense it's trivial and simple, there's just something that makes it good music, probably the rhythm, who knows? It's certainly NOT the lyrics, the lyrics part of music is poetry, not music.

If you're studying music theory be sure you know your scales and modes:

Modes in the key of "C" (no flats or sharps)

Ionian starts on C and is Major in nature
dorian starts on D and minor in nature
phrygian starts on E and is minor in nature
Lydian starts on F and is Major inj nature
Mixolydian starts on G and is Major in nature
aeolian starts on A and is minor in nature
locrian starts on B is neither Major or minor in nature

numonic to remember mode order:
I = I
d = don't
p = punch
L = like
M = Mohamad
a = A-
l = li

Thallid Ice Cream Man

I like Mixolydian and Phrygian most (other than the two most common ones of course).

Nice memory device. Fly like a butterfly, sting like a Bflat? :cool:

BTW, most music teachers (including my dad actually) that I know HATE the Ramones, so I'm glad you mentioned them. :D Even though I don't want to make punk music...

I bought some Brian Eno yesterday... good stuff.


Assuming that we're not talking about record labels, I think Bob et al. should say indie. I know what Ferret is talking about when he mentions his disgust with the "alternative" scene right now, and I share it... There is an "alternative" rock station here that gets fans by overplaying the latest 20 singles (and random songs off The Wall, curiously enough). It's not alternative at all. Once they even admitted to a relationship with ClearChannel. (I'm considering naming a band or song FCC: f*** Clear Channel)
Yeah, the local "modern rock" station used to be called "Alternative" but now they call themselves "New Rock." They play Nu Metal, Pop Punk and Creed. Argh. Yuck. "Alternative"??

I don't like the word "indie". I dunno why, but something about it makes me want to vomit with rage. "Indie" kids are usually elitists who hate all music that isn't "independant" *coughferretcough*and they annoy me to no end... even though I love indie music itself. I prefer to use the word "alternative"
I'm not an indie kid, because I can say my favorite band of all time, the Smashing Pumpkins, sold out. I admit it. They sold their souls to the recording industry. Do I care? Not the least bit. I love their music and that's all that matters. Sure, they made millions and became the biggest band on Earth for a short while, but they also played free concerts for charity, became friends with many "indie" acts, (Chavez and Slint, for example), and also were the first major label band to release an album in it's entirety only for the internet, to be shared and downloaded by all the fans.

So I'm an alternative poser. and I don't care.

(oh, and btw, if anything I said here contradicts with what I said before, always go with the new stuff. I've been changing my opinions a lot lately.)

I need to get more albums. I need money!!!

and you can thank me for getting TICM into punk. I told him to buy the Smashing Pumpkins album Siamese Dream, and he did, and then he was looking for something less complex and angrier, so now he's into punk and metal. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.

Oh, and I re-read most of my posts back there. I didn't know what I was talking about. I was just kinda making up stuff as I go.

Although, I did have one right thing, when I said that Billy Corgan would never let his band be controlled by anyone else. I only forgot to mention why. It's because he's too much of a control freak and an egotist to let anyone tell him what to do. but I still love, him, hehe.:D

Speaking of the Pumpkins, they did sell out (for fame, not necessarily for money), but I still consdier them "alternative", because they fit into no genre of music, except Rock, and that's too broad a category to place them in. They have done near every style of rock, from new wavey (1979) to hard rock (Geek USA) to Electronica (Ava Adore) to heavy metal (Tales of a Scorched Earth) to acoustic pop (Stumbleine). and the list goes on. Alternative is not only a movement, it's a style, and even if they sold out they are still an "Alternative" band.

Also, REM is alternative. The real deal. They were one of the founders of "indie" rock.

Nirvana=I remember hearing that their video was banned from MTV, but it may have been a lie.

Pearl Jam=Pearl Jam is a great band, even if they are sell outs, like the Pumpkins. They really really care about their fans and Eddie boycotts Ticketmaster.

and I still love Operation Ivy.

I guess that covers all of the bands I've argued about before. Once I buy some more albums i'll rant on some more and no one will read it! YAY!

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Anyway, last year in Jazz Band we were doing a jazz ballad version of "Over the Rainbow" and one of the kids brought in MF&TGG's version of the same tune,...I loved it!


Soundgarden, Zwan, Led Zeppelin, and The Darkness have been on my speakers recently.


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New Metallica is n't bad, but their older stuff is better.
Saw they in concert once, a friend of mine is a huge fan (until they sold out... so he says, LOL)
I'm a child of the 60's 70's.... Zep, Bowie, Ramones,


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Depends on my mood. Yesterday it was Annie Lennox - today, it's Kraftwerk and Future Bible Heroes...


Isengar Tussle
I'm learning these for next band practice..... talk about eclectic!
Ball & Chain- Social Distortion
Wonderwall- Oasis
Laid- James;
What I Got- Sublime
Zombie- Cranberries
Dancing with Myself- Billy Idol
Basketcase - Greenday
All The Small Things - Blink 182
Ruby Soho - Rancid
I Wanna Be Sedated - Ramones
Hash Pipe - Weezer