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Discussion in 'New & Returning Members' started by terzarima, Feb 8, 2001.

  1. terzarima New Member

    Consider me reborn!!! Everyone who thought I was gone should burn in the firey depths... however, even though I'm not "supposed" to be here, what me dad don't know can't hurt him (unless of course I get that virus again...) Anyway, I'm a back!
  2. Darsh Corrupt CPA Member

    Sure ademis, you just ran away cause' you didn't want to fight me.;)

    Welcome back anyway.:)
  3. Gerode Becoming a Lurker Again

    I won't be able to forgive myself if encouraging you to come back today gets you in deep trouble. :(

    ...But it won't! Welcome from the dead! :D
  4. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    Wee willy wilson wants wild wombats wading with wanda's wumpus.

    What on earth did I post that for?

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  5. Thallid Ice Cream Man 21sT CeNTuRy sChIZoId MaN

    so Wanda's Wumpus is back on the beach again?!?!?!?!? Ooh, what have I been missing... (Grins disgustingly)

    Hello again.

  6. TURD CUTTER!!! Mr. Happy

    Would he want wild wombats wading with wanda's wumpus with a fox?
    Would he want to do that in a box?

    He would not want wild wombats wading with wanda's wumpus here or there
    He would not want them anywhere

    Hmm...maybe we should have a dr. seuss book festival.

    nah! even if it is dr. seuss, it still would be a book festival

    *TURD CUTTER!!! shudders at the thought of a book festival
  7. fuzzy510 I Don't REALLY Exist

    I'm thinking about giving you the Theft of Nickname Speech Speech, but I'll spare 'ya.

    Hiya! Guess you need a new room. Oh well. They're all taken. Guess you'll have to sleep outside.

    I've always wanted to live with a zombie.
  8. Thallid Ice Cream Man 21sT CeNTuRy sChIZoId MaN

    **** ** **** ****** [Edited for blasphemy - TICM]

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