Weenie Power!!!!!!

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    Aha, as I was gazing through the Seventh Ed. Card Catalog, my eyes looked upon a familiar card which once brought joy to me. Continuing down the list, my smile got larger and larger. Yes, the massive power and cult that is weenism has once again reared its tiny head, and is ready to bite little peices of flesh out of your skin.

    All of the cards (with the exception of about 20) are from Invasion, I moved some things around becasue I didn't have all the cards on hand, but Wam! Bam! IT worked, darndiddilydamn good. Now, lets begin shall we?

    Essence of Weenism (The duuudes)

    4x Ardent Soldier
    4x Benlish Lancer
    4x Prison Barricade
    4x Benlish Tapper (copyrighted Zadok001 :) )
    4x Honourable Scout

    Some un weenist Creature (The Cult leaders)

    3x Aoh (Don't linch me yet, you'll see, just wait...)
    2x Blinding Angel
    2x Serra Angel
    1x Mageta

    The odd cultist Rituals (The POWER!!!! The power.....)

    2x Worship
    2x Crackdown

    And some land....

    So all break down and rejoice, for weenie Power has returned... bwah.. bwah...bhuwahahahahahahah!!! :D
    1x Rout

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