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Does this RPG idea interest you?

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  1. Bob Idiot

    ...for this special AD!

    Being the cheapo I am, I have to advertise my RPG on a board.

    I have an online RPG, not unlike Rando's, but a bit larger. It takes place in Bob's birthplace, Cyraria. (check Rando's suggestion for the RPG thread to hear more) Cyraria is a huge nation on an unnamed continent. The other smaller nations are less everything. Cyraria is the largest, most powerful, most advanced, richest nation in the world. It's also the highest, and not in a drug sense. The lower parts are the slums, filthy, crime infested, and extremely dangerous. Not even Cyrarian soldiers travel there, except for it's elite strike force, the Cyrarian Reserve Armed Soldier HQ. (C.r.a.s.h.) The Middle City is slightly elevated, a rocky terrain with crags thsat you call fall into and die. it's the most highly populated and largest section of Cyraria. It has the residential section, and the city market. more than half of the people live there, from upper lower class to middle class. Bob was born there, in a wealthy, very religious family. Cyrarian law prohibits worshipping any other gods, so his parents were killed when he was 8.
    In the highlands, there is the palace, and the high temples. Nobles, aristocrats, and Priests live there, and so does the King, who is a puppet to the high priest, Jrassk. Jrassk rules the town.
    There really is no object to the game, it's just to play and see how things turn out. I do have a storyline though, and I might throw some stuff at the players to shake things up. :)

    There is a simple damage system, that you can learn on the website, and lots of weapons, spells, and items. It's based on some D&D and some Magic, so you can have classes, or races. You can be anything, from a homeless person to an adventurer, or a noble.


    Thats the link. You can ask me Questions, and i'll answer. Once more thing:

    IT IS STILL IN CONSTRUCTION!!!!! It's not hardly finished, I still need time to create weapons, spells, and items, and possibly refine the damage system.

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