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Wat can we do?



Hello all,

I have been wondering and want to know your views about this particular topic I have in my mind for a long long time.

What can we legally do, to catch the FULL attention of WotC?

This does not include kidnapping Richard Garfield, bombing WotC building or other terroist acts. Remember: Legal methods only.

Please post your views.

Killer Joe

New member
Can one of the founders personally invite a Wiz Co. representative to be interviewed as an article submission? Like TomB interviewing Randy Beuhler on his view of this site. It doesn't have to be him, it could be Richard Garfield (angelic horns sound at mention of his name). A while back there was someone from Wiz Co. who posted here and kind of indicated that she visits here all the time, anyone know who that is/was?
I definitly think throwing verbal molotov cocktails is NOT the way to go anymore. A well established open communication link is the way to go (God, I sound like Picard of the Enterprise-what a panzi).


Staff member
... but I think Dune Echo, or The Baron, would be better choices. Dune's been in contact with Elaine Ferrao already, and she's the one who has admitted to lurking occasionally. The Baron's our official PR guy, so it's only logical that if Dune cannot do it, he should.

But will that catch WotC's full attention? That's hard to say, given all the other "Mainstream" Magic sites out there. Certainly it would make them more aware of us, and it would allow our representative to more fully explain our goals here.

Personally, I think following through on our plan to issue them weekly/bi-weekly reports on the results of our polling on the issues, along with a smattering of the commentary from the forum discussions on said issues to flesh the reports out a bit, would get their attention if done properly. Whether they act on that information or not is, and always will be, their choice. I think they'll see the wisdom in at least considering our opinions if we do it right.

Which brings us back to the Baron. He's in college, and I guess finals are still going on this week, so I'd imagine he's pretty busy right now. Within the next few weeks though, he should be more available to follow through on the plan. I would think re-writing the Mission Statement would be his first priority, but once he knocks that out I think we'll be ready to rock.

I know I am ;).


I suggested before talking to Ms. Ferrao, Yellowjacket , and the general consensus was that it would not be possible. I don't know about anyone else, though.



Tag Guard

Yellowjacket, there's nothing wrong with sounding like Picard. He's pretty cool. (In a mature sorta way.) ;)

I really think that getting WOTC's attention is a secondary objective ever since the CPA has recieved massive amounts of members. In the process, we have also used this to work toward our secondary objective.
Opening a formal line of communication to WOTC will certainly pave the way to reaching our secondary goal.
Just my 2 cents.


Staff member
As usual :) most everyone ducks or dilutes the original question.

As a direct answer, I would have to agree with Gizmo in that the only way to gain WOTC's FULL attention is to be come a mainstream Magic site, one that is thought of as the first resource you go to if you're looking for something Magic-related, one that is the first site visited when a person gets on the web.

The question of whether that is the way to go and if people want to do that is another question and one that has been discussed before. I think the concensus (that looks weird, is that spelled right?) was NOT to go that direct route but do pretty much what TomB suggested and is currently doing with the voting booth.

And as a note and not a slam to Multani, "massive amounts of members" is pretty subjective. I've said it before and I'll say it again: 320 members is not a whole lot in the grand scheme of Magic and certainly with 10% as active posters and whatever the highest vote count is (50? 60?) I WILL say that it appears the site is slowly and steadily growing from the 130 members I remember from January, but let's not use the member count right now as reason to rest.


I still remember the entusiasm as "OVER 50!" was achieved...



"Who said anything about VERBAL molotov cocktails?"

Anyways, I think that one of the best things we can do is speak out for our ideas. True, there are noly about 250 of us, but we have here some of the best and brightest magic players. No professionals, as of yet, but slowly, we'll infiltrate their ranks. Just keep the site going. It's growing really quickly, and for good reason.