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Warhammer Quest: The Sylvan Epic


The Tentacled One
Dorgath appears to be correct. As the bright light fades, he finds himself possessing a new item...

Chaos Bane: This oil can be applied to a weapon, at which point it lasts for one round of combat. The affected weapon deals 1 extra damage per Battle Level to Chaos creatures. Worth 200 gold.

The lights on the board coalesce to form a smoking pipe packed with smoldering "pipeweed." Whatever the hell that is. :rolleyes:


The Tentacled One
Throg advances the plot.

Throg gets...

Healing Balm: Fully restores all Wounds. Worth 200 gold.

The board goes back to displaying an image of a bent grate.


The Tentacled One
Kelgar repeats the process, with seemingly successful results.

Kelgar gains an Incense of Healing: Heals every Warrior on the board section for 2D6 Wounds, after which it is expended. Worth 200 gold.

The image on the board is now a pair of robust-looking curved swords. Familiar swords actually...

Revaethan: "Oh, come on, this one's easy! Why couldn't it have been first. I'd have recognized my own swords. Would have saved us a lot of trouble with those undead. Here, give me the torch..."

As everyone has grown accustomed to, the right person touching to torch to the board causes a pattern of lights and changes the image, in addition to mysteriously bestowing an item on that individual somehow...

Revaethan gets a Master Rune of Groth One-Eye: Bonds to a weapon. All Warriors on the same board section get +3 to resist Fear and Terror. Worth 500 gold.

The image on the board is now a shawm.


The Tentacled One
Dorgath remains vigilant, but the process works again without any problems. Tomas touches the torch to the board.

Tomas gains a Firestorm Scroll.

The lights form the image, once more, of a bucket.
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The Tentacled One
Ty touches the torch to the image of the bucket.

Ty gains a Potion of Curing: Eliminates one disabling effect (loss of a Characteristic from poison, loss of movement from petrification, etc.). Worth 200 gold.

All of the glyphs light up at once. The light fades. There is an audible churning sound, like a millstone turning. The door creaks open on its own. Ahead of you lies a narrow study room, seemingly far too small of a space for such a massive door to open into. The room appears austere, almost nondescript, save for the Chaos runes emblazoned on nearly every square inch of every surface and every object within...


Nothing Special
The runes are all over the room, right? Who needs to be careful.

Throg moves about the room meticulously, pausing every few minutes to nod and mutter to himself. After about half an hour of this, he stops and looks back at the party. "Yes, these are definitely Chaos runes."