Warhammer Quest: The Sylvan Epic


The Tentacled One
Ignoring the eerie banshee-mist, Dorgath begins checking the area directly in front of the bridge for traps. Ty moves to check one of the posts, as he is considering securing one end of the rope to the post. While he is examining it, a large form in the corner of his vision draws his attention, and something hurtles out of the mist, almost colliding with him. Ty finds himself face-to-face with some kind of big, reptilian beast. It seems to have leapt across the chasm effortlessly. Mounted atop the monster is the biggest dark elf warrior Ty has ever seen.

Before anyone can react, the mist retreats entirely onto the other side of the chasm, coalescing into the form of a banshee.

The dark elf brandishes a vicious-looking spear at Ty and chuckles.

"Well, you made it this far. Let's do this."

-The Power Phase is 5 for this turn.
-Ty's Pit Training kicks in. He springs into action before everyone else.
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Wow... :rolleyes:

Ty will let go of the rope and will attempt to assault the beast, stepping to the side of the monster away from the group and attempting to attack it from the side by punching the fist spike into the thing's throat and battering at the dark elf with his morning star...:)


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Dorgath calls to the others "Get in here! And Jekaena, protect yourself!" and moves to the square below the Cold One and attacks with his Axe. Hopefully one of the other melee types will move into the square diagonal and box it in. And the missile types will fire at the banshee.


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If he hasn't done it already, Throg will use his Axe of Mighty Striking super-power ability, along with a charge from his Chalice of Night and attempt to bring down the dark elf.

Also, I'm pretty sure that referring to a beer as a "cold one" predates both Warhammer Fantasy and internet memes.