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    It looks like Bretonnia and Loren Forests are geographically near one another on the map, so if we need to go to Bretonnia to find out more about the "Beacons" quest it should be a simple matter to go there after dealing with rejuvenating that tree...:)
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    I forget how we handled this before, but it occurs to me now, just as I was about to roll for a fight against some rats, that I don't know which weapons people are using. While you're always free to specify, before combat, which weapon you wish to wield, it seems like it might be useful to have some defaults. Trying not to make assumptions. Here's what I'm seeing now...

    Right now, it's pretty simple for Throg, as he's kind of stuck with his Axe of Mighty Striking for now (he owns some magic swords, but the only magic weapons he's allowed to wield are Chaos weapons).

    Tomas and Skullcrusher are off doing their own thing for now, but I have their defaults set to the Weeping Blade and the Blade of Leaping Copper, respectively.

    Kelgar can only use hammers, so he doesn't get a lot of options. In the past, he'd used his starting warhammer, but now he has a Hammer of Spite, which is a strict upgrade. I'll assume he's using the Hammer of Spite unless instructed otherwise. The use of that hammer's magic ability is optional, so I'll only invoke it if an enemy is chosen (I can't think of a reason not to use the ability, though).

    Carrow has multiple optionsm, but I have some foggy recollection that he MM specified his preferences already. Correct me if this is wrong: until I'm instructed otherwise, I'll assume that he's using his Surefire Bow if his post indicates that he's using a bow and doesn't specify a different bow, and I'll assume that he's using his Sword of Hoeth if his post indicates melee and doesn't specify a different weapon.

    Dorgath has multiple options. I forget which axe he was using before. Pick a default and I'll go with that one. I think Spidey actually stated his preference in a post somewhere, but I can't remember what it was.

    Tyresius has the choice of either his Pit Flail or his Fist Spike. The Pit Flail his harder (+2 Strength) and can cause deathblows, but has a small chance of hitting Tyresius in the face if he rolls too badly. The Fist Spike can't cause deatblows, but lets him step into the space occupied by any enemy that he kills with it, and also has +2 Attacks. No default has been specified. He can use whichever he prefers, but not both in the same turn.

    This being a message board and my updates being sporadic with my work schedule, we'll work out whatever system is best for you guys. If you'd prefer to give guidelines for your patterns of behavior in combat, I'll try to honor those. If you'd prefer to evaluate each situation yourself, that works too...
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    Erm, I guess I misunderstood and thought the pit fighter dual-wielded...:oops:

    Seems like it's going to be a bit tedious micromanaging each blow in the fights, but I'd say for now by default he leads into new targets with the fist spike and follows up with the flail. I'm also outfitted with knee-spikes now - I assume my attacks with them will occur whenever convenient...:)
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    Well, there is a Pit Fighter skill that can be gained in leveling up, which would allow that. Something to keep in mind when spending level-up points...

    Sounds good. That should be enough for you not to have to micromanage. I know when monsters have taken some damage and I'd gather that if Ty can see that they're weakened, he might take the opportunity to switch to his flail.

    Yep, those are bonus attacks. You get those no matter which weapon you're wielding.
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    So all my swords are magical swords?
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    I am using my Great Axe of Smiting.
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    First time that I'm trying this, as people may find it relevant. Here's the character sheet for the your current NPC tagalong. I'll try to post these when they come up, but they will not be updated as often. Mostly, they could help you gauge what your companions are capable of. Also, it might come up that you want to trade items...

    Name: Revaethan
    Wounds: 18
    Move: 4
    Weapon Skill: 5
    Ballistic Skill: 6+
    Strength: 4
    Toughness: 3(6)
    Initiative: 6
    Attacks: 2
    Damage: 1D6
    Pinning: 3+
    Luck: 1
    Willpower: 3
    Gold: 5,178

    Equipped - Twin Swords of Orion: If wielded by a Wardancer, a deathblow may continue past a blocked square by switching from one sword to the other.
    -Dual Aspects of Oak: Each sword gives the Wardancer +1 Toughness. When wielded together, they give him +3 Toughness.
    -Dual Aspects of the Earth: Each sword deals +2 damage.
    -Dual Aspects of Willow: The Wardancer gains Dodge 5+.

    Equipped - Belt of Ariel: This magical belt was given to the Wardancer by Ariel, Queen of the Wood Elves. The belt has the power to absorb damage and even deflect hits taken by the Wardancer. Roll 1D6 at the start of each turn.
    1: No effect this turn.
    2-3: +1 Toughness for the turn.
    4-5: +2 Toughness for the turn.
    6: Completely blocks a single attack this turn.

    Elf Waybread: Delicious rations that function as provisions, but do not spoil as easily as normal provisions. 20 cakes remaining.

    Elf Rope: Stronger than normal rope. Under stress, only breaks on a roll of 1.

    Healing Potion: Restores 1D6 Wounds. 1 potion remaining.

    Wand of Ariel: +2 to break from pinning. If the roll to escape from pinning is a 1, the wand's enchantment is exhausted and fades away.

    Dark Sword: Each time this sword successfully wounds a target, it reduces the victim's Weapon Skill by 1. At 0 Weapon Skill, the target can no longer make melee attacks. Worth 400 gold.

    Chaos Runeblade: +1D6 damage. Ignores normal armor. Worth 400 gold.

    Magic Sword: Counts as a magic weapon. Worth 25 gold.

    Special abilities:

    Dance of Death: If the Wardancer's deathblow eliminates all adjacent foes, he may continue to move and continue his deathblow until it misses, fails to kill a target, or until he runs out of Move.

    Woven Mist: Instead of moving and attacking as normal, the Wardancer may enter a trance-like state, splitting 1D6+0 between Move and Attacks for the turn.

    Spirit of the Wood: If the Wardancer sets off any kind of trap, roll a D6. On a 1-4, the trap works as normal. On a 5 or 6, the Wardancer's lightning-fast reactions allow him to avoid the trap.

    *Wood Elf Troupe Duty: The Wardancer must kill 9 Chaos dwarves to avenge a massacre. He gains double gold for this. Until the duty is fulfilled, he must pay double the normal price for items at wood elf camps.

    *Wild Hunt Battle Markings: Whenever monsters appear, roll a D6. On a 1, the markings fade away. On a 2-5, the markings have no effect. On a 6, enemies are at -1 to hit the Wardancer for the rest of combat.
  10. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    By the way, character sheets in the main thread are now updated for everyone except Throg. I just need one more thing for him and then it's onward to Welhallas.
  11. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Spiderman pointed out that Jekaena has been accompanying the party for a while in our long "The Sylvan Epic" adventure, but that her actual character sheet isn't in this thread, where it'd be easier to reference than buried within the 60 or so pages of that adventure thread. This oversight is now corrected...

    Name: Jekaena
    Wounds: 14
    Move: 2(3)
    Weapon Skill: 2
    Ballistic Skill: 6+
    Strength: 2
    Toughness: 3(5)
    Initiative: 4
    Attacks: 2
    Damage: Special
    Pinning: 6+
    Luck: 0
    Willpower: 5
    Gold: 0

    Equipped - Quarterstaff of Argwylon: Jekaena fights defensively, trading her own attacks to parry incoming blows. Melee attacks against Jekaena are at -2 to hit.

    Equipped - Enchanted Cane of Tenacious Movement: This cane grants a Move characteristic of up to 3 so long as the bearer is capable of reaching an upright standing position. Even if the bearer is encumbered, drunk, bleeding out, hamstrung, and with shoelaces tied together, this cane allows forward movement.

    Equipped - Jekaena's Cloak: +2 Toughness.

    Heartstone of Welhallas: Magic Resistance 4+.

    Healing Potions (1D6 Wounds): 11

    Elf Waybread: Elf Waybread: Delicious rations that function as provisions, but do not spoil as easily as normal provisions. 20 cakes remaining.

    Special abilities:

    Wood Elf Magic: Jekaena is unaccustomed to combat and might attempt to cast the same spell each turn until combat is over or she is instructed to switch. Now that's she's been with the Warriors for a while, she will probably default to healing them if that option is available. She gets 1D6+3 Power per turn (the 1D6 is the Power Phase result).

    -Fist of Iron: Costs 3. Range 6 attack spell. Roll a D6. If the result is greater than or equal to the distance to the target, it takes 1D6+1 damage.
    -Lightning Bolt: Costs 4. Line of sight attack spell. 2D6 Wounds with no modifiers for armor.
    -Strength: Costs 2. Targets a single Warrior. Grants +1 Strength. Cannot be used on the same target more than once per turn.
    -Glittering Robe: Costs 3. Self-cast. Creates a glowing cloak that absorbs 1D6 Wounds. Lasts one turn.
    -Finger of Life: Costs 3. Targets a single Warrior. Roll 1D6. On a 4,5, or 6, restore that many Wounds.
    -Heal Wounds: Costs 4. Targets a single Warrior. Restores 1D6 Wounds.
    -Invisibility: Costs 5. Targets a single Warrior. Makes the target invisible for one turn. While invisible, the target cannot be attacked or take any offensive actions.

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