W/u/g Creature Combat HAS WON A GAME

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  1. Landkiller CPA Menace

    I think your gonna see this one at Worlds, just wait!

    I have supreme confidence it will triumph, yet, all the same, to err on the side of caution if you will, I would like information about how this fares against some of the other top tier decks. Please respond with matchup information as soon as possible if you want me to let you in on other trade secrets. :p

    Creatures and Stuff and other Stuff - The Deck

    White Guys - 12
    1 x Sunscape Master
    1 x Sunscape Apprentice
    2 x Rampant Elephant
    1 x Benalish Emissary
    1 x Benalish Heralds
    2 x Glittering Angel
    1 x Crimson Acolyte
    1 x Obsidian Acolyte
    1 x Spirit Weaver
    1 x Ruham Djinn

    Green Dudes - 3
    1 x Quirion Elves
    2 x Nomadic Elves

    Multi Men - 10
    3 x Llanowar Knights
    1 x Sabertooth Nishoba
    1 x Samite Archer
    1 x Riptide Crab
    1 x Pygmy Hippo
    2 x Rubinia, Soulsinger
    1 x Charging Troll

    Blue Soldiers - 5
    2 x Sailmonger
    1 x Ophidian
    2 x Tower Drake

    Stuff and Other Stuff - 7
    2 x Harrow
    1 x Angelic Shield
    1 x Ordered Migration
    1 x Prismatic Boon
    1 x Thrive
    1 x Confiscate

    Those Wonderful Toys - 3
    1 x Power Armor
    1 x Belbe's Armor
    1 x Eye of Yawgmoth

    Bland Lands - 20
    8 x Plains
    6 x Forest
    6 x Island

    The sideboard is under consideration, and I've got my Atari rigged to figure out what it should be!

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