Void Maw

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    Void Maw 4BB
    Creature - Horror
    If another creature would be put into a graveyard from play, remove it from the game instead.
    Put a card removed from the game with Void Maw into its owner's graveyard: Void Maw gets +2/+2 until end of turn.

    I seriously expected this to become an expensive rare. Six mana is a lot, but 4/5 trample is pretty decent. And its ability messes with decks based on graveyard-recursion and might provide a lot of additional damage to finish the game.
    But, apparently, it is budget rare. That means I get to build a deck with it!

    First card I thought of was Empty the Catacombs. If I control the creature cards that go to the graveyard, this card provides a lot of cards advantage.
    Void Maw alone wouldn't be too reliable, so I added one of my favorite Coldsnap commons: Martyr of Bones. Targetted graveyard removal and a creature that can be sacrificed for (1) if Void Maw needs a boost.

    Seeing this deck was going to become mostly black, I needed a small splash of another color that could help me with a) creatures with protection from black and b) bothersome permanents other than creatures. I decided to add a little bit of blue for a) Govern the Guildless and b) Heidar, Rimewind Master.

    Seeing as it now has to a snow deck, Rimebound Dead seems like a good early drop. Chilling Shade is a great creature in any snow deck, and provides this deck with a flyer.

    I also added Garza's Assassin. Though Void Maw prohibits any recover spells, it also means I won't have to remove the Assassin as long as Void Maw is in play. And, Empty the Catacombs will give it back to me for free.
    Looking for more creatures that can destroy other creatures, I found Unliving Psychopath. Even without a way to boost its toughness, I think its worth a try.

    If the Void Maw doesn't show up though, the Assassin might cost me quite a bit of life. I was debating whether to put in Skullmead Cauldron or Gutless Ghoul. In the end, the snow zombie won out because its a creature.

    I've kept the deck Type 2 legal, but I think Keeper of the Dead and Oath of Ghouls would be perfect for a deck like this.

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