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    I am wondering if I am out of dat ewith magic. Most I see now I are stripped to four of every card and seem to either win early or not at all. I have always tried to be able to play at various tempos and build decks that could be bent to what I needed at any time. They were always capable of quicker kills that control decks of today but had alot of disruption in them to control your opponents tempo of play. Disruption can do alot for you. People always talk about card advantage which some disruption can give you but what disruption does best is to give you partial timewalks. By stripping cards from your opponents hand or removing a particular mana source you are controlling when and what your opponent can play. It in essence controls the tempo of the game. Similarly card drawing can increase the tempo that you are capable of playing. But disruption always focusses first on removing these resources. Counterspells are obviously one of the best forms of disruption forcing players to stall or sometimes overextend.

    The last thing I wanted to say was about impatience and card advantage. I have seen too many ancestral recalls blow and spent at the wrong time. Players alwayys assume that they must have the three card advantage now, that they should get offensive. At three cards you are meager. But two turns latter when your opponent has overextended due to your low resources: then play ancestral. By bluffing ancestral you can ensure taking control of the game with one card. That is why this card is considered so broken because playing it early can get you a quicker assault of find a combo component, but if played at the right time singlehanded ensures you have control of teh game.

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