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    Oscar Tan Can't Play Type 1 by Matthew Smith (7/23/2002)

    "That’s right, I played with four of the now restricted Fact or Fictions and
    three main deck Back to Basics and I almost lost to a Zoo deck. Why did I
    almost lose? Not because he was frightened of Back to Basics, no, I almost
    lost because he was frightened of The Abyss, and he was prepared for it."

    Jul 24, 2002
    Two Inexpensive, Yet Competitive, Decks For Type One
    by The Weasler

    "In the entirety of my Type 1 playing I have never seen a first-turn win.
    Once, I saw a second-turn win with a fully powered Neo-Academy, but that's

    Jul 24, 2002
    Breaking Maro's Misconceptions
    by Dan Saunders

    "Type I players are portrayed as people unwilling to try new formats,
    unwilling to move with the times. Find me one player from 1994 who has
    played only Type I; wanting to play with all of my cards is perfectly

    Jul 24, 2002
    Whose Side Are You On, Nicholas Vacek?
    by Monica Nanda

    "So the other day, I was reading some of the things people had to say about
    Vintage in the wake of MaRo's oh-so-controversial commentary, and I came
    across many impressive, well-thought-out rebuttals... And one article on
    Brainburst by Nicholas Vacek that made me want to purge myself of the
    kiss-ass demons seeping in through my bleeding eyes. "

    Jul 24, 2002
    Type 1: Next Stop, Pro Tour
    by Mikey

    "As to the first point, I agree with him. It's our format, our baby, and we
    need to put the time in to keep it alive, and help it grow. However, I would
    like to prove Mr. Rosewater wrong, and I think can provide solid reasons why
    a T1 Grand Prix, or even a T1 Pro Tour is not unreasonable."

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