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  1. Killer Joe Active Member

    OBC: Blue-Red

    2 Cognivore
    4 Pitchstone Wall

    4 Aether Burst
    4 Circular Logic
    4 Compulsion
    4 Obsessive Search
    3 Persuasion

    4 Fiery Temper
    4 Flame Burst
    4 Firebolt

    4 Barbarian Ring
    12 Island
    9 Mountain

    Should Cognivore ever "HIT" the table and could actually have the chance to attack without being bounced, it could really do some dome damage.

    Pitchstone Wall laughs at Mono-Green decks (sorta).
    Hell, if I can't counter it, burn it, block it or bounce it, I'll just steal it :).

    This thing packs about 50 points worth of "Direct Damage"
    The problem is that this thing is s-l-o-w, so early damage is it's bane.

    I really want to add Lavamancer, but I only have one :(.

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