Upheaval: Five cards

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    Ephemeral Fantasia 2U
    Creatures you control are unblockable.
    During your upkeep, discard a card from your hand or return E.F. to your hand. If a blue card or an island was discarded, each creature you control may deal damage equal its power to target nonblue creature defending player controls this turn. Creatures that do this deal no combat damage this turn.

    Flavor Text: The song takes one minute to sing and two lifetimes to get out of your head.

    Story note: The layout for (and the first version of) this short magic song was penned by Suza to aid the Dragoons in battle. It is sung freeform (like a true fantasia), with Suza's whole choir (2...6, starting with Suza herself) singing it. Solos are optional, but the chorus is sung by all after every verse, by the whole choir. This lasts until the one minute period is over. In the dragoons and even the davinas themselves, the song enthralls their heart and fills them with morale, recreating new verses in some. However, it gets into the heads of nearby enemies, and then it KICKS THEIR HEAD'S @$$!. They are haunted, frozen in fear, and they cannot stop the singing in their head until Suza or whoever stops concentrating on it.

    Second card:

    Flamespitter 3RRR
    Rare Creature- Dragon
    xRR, t: This deals x damage, divided any way you choose, among any number of creatures.


    Mental Anguish 3B
    Enchantment (u)
    Noncreature spells opponents play cost an additional 'Pay 1 life' to play.


    Complete Exhaustion 1W
    Instant (c)
    Destroy target creature with power equal to the number of cards in hand or greater
    Overdrive- Remove that creature from the game


    Rooted Treant 2GG
    Emu- Druid
    Creature- Elemental Treefolk (u)
    This has power/toughness equal to the number of permanents you control.
    During your upkeep, sacrifice a permanent or return this to your hand. If that permanent was green or a forest, shuffle it into your library, then draw a card.
    "It puts a new spin on 'Living off the land.'"

    On 1-5, how good are these?

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