Upheaval Castes part 3 (Black)

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    Southwest of the eastern island of Triskell is a marshy, bayou-ish area known as Excary. Black is represented by this, and it is defended mainly by:

    Ninjas, most of whom are rebellious ex-Samurai who came to Excary after the travel ban was lifted in order to take full advantage of this opportunity to defeat one of its prime supporters, Muraku. They have fear and assassin ability, as you would guess.

    Stealth Killer C
    Can't be blocked except by artifact or black creatures
    B, T: Destroy target white creature with toughness no greater than 4. Can't be regenerated

    Kuro's Cohort U
    2B, T: Destroy target tapped creature with toughness no greater than 4, or target white creature. Can't be regenerated
    Protection from Samurai

    Kuro, Stealth Lord R
    Ninja Legend
    Creatures you control have fear.
    XB: Destroy target creature with toughness no greater than twice X. Can't be regenerated. Token creatures are treated as having the casting cost of the spell or ability that put them into play.
    CIP: Destroy all tapped creatures. Remove all Samurai killed this way from game.

    Defilers, masters of plague and illness, dedicated to defending their land by painfully expounding their wrath on those who dare come to claim it. They train vermin and send them off to do the work they couldn't, until recently; when a group of Preservers, seeing the evil and plague they have prepared, decided to go into Excary to purge it of the ones who instigated the war by these methods. Stat decrease and their own perverse method of regeneration are their assets.

    Plague Carrier- C
    T: Target creature gets -1/-1 until end of turn
    B: Regenerate

    Thorme's Cohort- U
    Emu- Wizard
    Protection from Preservers
    T: Target creature gets -2/-2 until end of turn
    1B: Regenerate

    Thorme, Master of Illness
    Defiler Legend
    Emu- Wizard
    B: Regenerate target creature
    CIP: Creatures you don't control get -2/-2 until end of turn, then Preservers get a -2/-2 counter after end of turn. Other creatures affected get -1/-1.
    B: Target creature gets -1/-1 until end of turn. Use this ability no more times than the number of Defilers you control.

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