Upheaval Castes in Detail (Part 1: White)

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    Each of the castes mentioned in my last thread 'Mock Block' are similar in concept to the PS lair lands, except w/ creatures. Anything that affects a caste will affect these types.
    Each color has a magical and a warrior caste. The colors are represented by the five regions of the Continent, where a travel ban was imposed to prevent what its inhabitants saw in Dominaria and are seeing in Otaria. The travel ban lasted for 100 years, in which castes developed and much time was given to prepare for any war, while living in peace. It also leads to a lot of mana symbols and oinked-up responses to other colors and enemy castes starting to fight this ban. In addition, the caste leaders are beginning to rise up and form alliances to guard the Continent from inward destruction.


    Samurai- Tsumara's warriors. If you don't already know, they are honorbound fighters who don't really NEED to fight dirty. First strike and Attack w/o tapping are their strength

    Frontline Warrior
    Upheaval Common
    Creature- Samurai
    Attacking doesn't cause this to tap (Readiness hereafter)
    First Strike v. Ninjas

    Muraku's Cohort
    Creature- Samurai
    Emulation- Soldier
    Readiness, Protection from Ninjas, First strike v. Black

    Muraku, Honorbound Warlord
    Creature- Samurai Legend
    Emulation- Soldier
    Creatures you control have readiness
    Protection from black
    W: Target Samurai gets first strike until end of turn
    When this comes into play, destroy all tapped Ninjas.
    "We see right through your stealth, and we're not fooled."

    Protector- Trained to guard the area, they heal and help better than other clerics in Dominaria and Otaria. Prot and Toughness boost are their focus.

    Imperial Medic
    +0/+2 v. commandoes
    T: Prevent up to 2 damage dealt to any target from a red source

    Shizuka's Cohort
    Emulation- Cleric
    W: +0/+1 until end of turn
    Protection from Red
    T: Prevent up to 2 damage dealt to any target or 4 damage dealt to a red source

    Captain Shizuka
    Creature- Protector Legend
    Emulation- Soldier
    Creatures you control have protection from a color of your choice when this comes into play.
    W: Target Protector gets +0/+2 until end of turn
    Protection from red
    When this CIP, until end of turn, gain 1 life for each Commando you don't control that is in play.
    "Tsumara will not fall to the like of these."

    Any ideas?

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