Upheaval Castes #5 (Green)

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    Green is represented by the western province of Xinwa (Shin Wah). Its terrain jives with its mana type like all the others, and its castes are the Wurmites and the Preservers

    Xinwa's Wurmites use terrain advantage and focused, unwavering motion tactics in combat, and this allows them to outmaneuver their foes with relative ease, winding circles around them like the long, winding wurms. Trample, beefing-up and their ability to block flyers are their specialty.

    c- Chainwielder
    May block as though it had flying
    GG: +1/+1 until end of turn

    u- Zheng's Cohort
    Protection from Dragoons
    Emu- Wurm
    May block as though it had flying
    1G: +1/+1 until end of turn
    G: Trample until end of turn

    r- Zheng, Lady of Wurms
    Creature, Wurmite Legend
    Protection from blue
    Em- Wurm
    Creatures you control may block as though they had flying.
    G: Target Wurmite gets +1/+1 until end of turn.
    G: Target creature gains trample until end of turn.
    When Zheng CIP, she deals 2 damage to each Dragoon. Dragoons lose flying until Zheng leaves play.

    "Iron will? The only thing willful about Maeve and those Triskellian jumping beans of hers is their life-draining stupidity."

    The Preservers are masters of peace and calm. They can engage anyone who goes near them to simply go back from whence they came. In addition, they know how to treat illness as well as their enemies the Defilers know how to spread them. Fog-type abilities and

    Xinwa Caretaker
    G: Defilers deal no combat dmg this turn

    Wang's Cohort
    G: Black Creatures are fogged
    Emu- Druid
    2G: All creatures block this if able

    Wang, Master of Healing
    CIP- Gain 5 life, defilers have no abilities.
    Creatures you control have Lure
    2GG: All creatures are fogged.
    All creatures block Wang if able
    "Where there's Wang, there's hope."

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