Upheaval Caste #4 (Red)

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    Red is represented by the southwestern province of Doram. This area is protected by the Commandoes, an army of fighters who use organized chaos and aggressive tactics to overpower the enemy. Power boosts and anti-blocking techniques are their advantage. They seek to punish Tsumara for its defense of the hated travel ban by advancing into that place and causing anarchy and chaos there. They are truly violent protesters.

    c- Dorami Raider
    R: +1/+0 until end of turn
    R: Target white creature can't block this turn.

    u- Brinn's Cohort
    Protection from Protectors
    Emulation- Barbarian
    R: +1/+0 until end of turn
    R: Target creature can't block this turn

    r- Brinn, Berserker Lord
    Creature- Commando Legend
    Protection from white
    Em- Barbarian
    R: Target creature gets +1/+0 until end of turn
    Protectors can't block as long as Brinn is in play.
    2RR: Creatures can't block Commandoes this turn
    "We cannot be stopped. Why would you even try it?"
    Brinn, to Capt. Shizuka

    Its magicians are the Starlets, a group of flame mages who claim to have a draconic origin and use speed, fire and lightning to their advantage. They also train dragons and fire drakes to fight alongside them. Their zeal, morale and enthusiasm for battle is legendary and they are quite miffed by the politicking and mindbeep!ery that Suza has been doing with the other provinces of the Star Continent.

    c- Flame Mage
    T: Deals 1 damage to target creature or player

    u- Miranda's Cohort
    Protection from Davinas
    Emu- Dragon
    T: Deals 2 damage to any target.

    r- Miranda, Early Riser
    Protection from blue
    Creature- Starlet Legend
    Creatures you control have haste
    Emu- Dragon
    X: Deals x damage, divided any way you choose, among any number of targets. Spend only red mana on X and only as much as the number of Starlets you control.
    When Miranda comes into play, she deals 2 damage to each creature you do not control. Destroy all Davinas damaged this way. They can't be regenerated.
    "The fires of Doram will light the way to victory and expose Suza's tricks with that light. Then, they will burn her into a smoldering pile of ash. ^^;" :) :) :)

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