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  1. Ophidian New Member

    I've got this U/W deck I threw together last night, and I was wondering if anyone had some ideas to make it better:

    2 tolarian drakes
    4 breezekeeper
    1 sandbar crocodile
    1 vodalian illusionist
    2 shimmering efreet
    2 chomanno

    2 teferis veil
    2 pariah
    4 angelic chorus
    3 hesitation
    2 cloak of invisibility

    3 counterspell
    1 force of will
    2 relearn
    3 replenish
    3 merchant scroll
    2 wrath of god

    3 teferis isle
    7 island
    11 plains

    I really like how this deck plays. I usually cast a hesitation on turn two, and that alone could stall for a few turns. I play out the phasing creatures, which i don't have enough of, then the angelic choruses. Then I play the replenish for the hesitation to come back into play, and I sit and gain 50 life in a few turns. I would love to put some avatars in here, but they are just too expensive for this deck. The teferis isles are made for counterspells. I have three in here so I can have two phasing in and out most games. I beat a suicide necro deck on the twentieth turn. His first turn was swamp- ritual- priest- negator. Thank god for force of will! That will always be one of my favorite blue cards.

    I would like to know how to speed this deck up a little. Are there any small phasing creatures I'm not thinking about?

    This would be a great deck to go up against a stomp deck. I would gain more life than he could take.

    "Take 25, and I'm done"
    "My creatures phase in, I gain 33, you take 11"
  2. Griffith_se Guest


    I think Parallax Wave would work well, It could serve duel purpose's. You could remove there blocker's while you launch a big attack, or you could remove your own creature's (do it after you declare blockers then when damage is dealt your cratures are gone) then gain life when they return to play (with chorus).

    I think it works, but I'm not sure. I'm pretty sure though, that phasing in does not count as "comes into play" so Chorus won't work.

    If you use Waves you won't need Phasing creatures. I don't know. Maybe I'm not thinking right, it's pretty early. :)


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  3. galtwish Loudmouth

    Red is a great addition with Jokulhaups...Kind of like the old IA/AL G

    4 Breezekeepers
    2 Tolarian Drakes
    4 Counterspell
    3 Hesitation
    1 Force of Will
    1 Mystical tutor
    4 Impulse
    2 Brainstorm

    2 Jokulhaups
    1 Firestorm Phoenix/Ivory Gargoyle
    4 Bolt cards

    2 Disenchant
    1 Aura of Silence
    2 Angelic Chorus
    1 Enlightened Tutor
    2 Wrath of God

    2 Lodestone Bauble/Land Tax/Tithe

    3 Flood Plain/Thawing Glacires
    6 Plains
    6 Mountians
    8 Islands

    If you can't find certain cards/don't want to but them, just consider more counterspells and burn cards like Mana Leak, Miscalculation, Incinerate, Thunderclap, etc.

  4. Ophidian New Member

    Well, I wanted to keep the phasing creatures, because I can easily gain life without needing any other cards, other than chorus, of course. This way I can put in more creatures and counters instead of splashing in a color for something else that won't help me much. I really think that angelic chorus was printed for a deck like this, and I have won games with three breezekeepers against hordes of big black creatures. I just need it to build up mana faster, if it's possible with U/W.

    But if I did add red for haups, I could get shimmer to phase my land out, and then disenchant it later

    I definitely need to put four seal of cleansing in this deck. In my opinion, nemesis sucked, but this is an enchantment that destroyes enchantments, and can't be countered (almost). That's (sadly) my favorite card out of nemesis.
  5. Griffith_se Guest


    Just wondering? Am I right about Phasing?
    Angelic Chorus won't trigger when a creature phases in. If I'm wrong please explain.

    Crystal Keep G.27.9


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  6. Apollo Bird Boy

    The wording on Angelic Chorus says "when any creature comes into play". When the creature phases back in, it's coming back into play. The fact that it has been in play before doesn't matter. So, in short, I'm 90% sure it works.

  7. TomB Administrative Assistant

    Guys, I hate to disappoint you, but back when we were playing with Mirage cards it was ruled that CIP effects didn't happen with phasing. Imagine how powerful a Nekrataal would be if you enchanted it with Vanishing, for example.

    Leaves play effects DID trigger though, so Vanishing worked real well on a Floodgate. :D

    Unless something changed in the meantime, stick with Parallax Wave. And maybe think W/G with Saproling Bursts. It's a bit pricey, but both colors have excellent weenies which should see you through to the mid-game.

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