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    I recently posted a comment about good U/B decks around... Nobody seems to agree U/B can have a good day against Fires... But I'll keep playing U/B because I really like the way it works at least in casual playing...

    4 Undermine
    4 Foil
    4 Counterspell
    4 Twart
    2 Mana Sink

    4 Fact or Fiction
    4 Accumulated Knowledge

    2 Nether Spirit
    2 Plague Spitter
    1 Stormscape Master

    1 Millstone
    4 Recoil
    2 Charisma

    4 Salt Marsh
    10 Island
    8 Swamp

    3 Spinal Embrace
    3 Lobotomy
    4 Cremate
    3 Misdirection
    2 Tsabo's Decree

    I think this is a pretty good deck and can counter almost everything you throw in... My main problems are Rebels, B/R come-from-graveyard and Fires...

    For rebels there's Plague Spitter and Tsabo's Decree... For B/R decks I have Misdirection and Cremate (I like to see their faces once I can take a Hammer or a Pire Zombie out of the game)... For fires there's Misdirection, Lobotomy and Spinal Embrace...

    I think this theck works better when I can make my opponent play with less than to cards on his hand... Maybe a couple of Abyss Specter can solve this issue, but what should I take out???

    What do you think of this deck??? Is it worth for a tournament???

    Thanx for your help...

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