Type 2 U/G/W - - NOT a net deck.

Discussion in 'Casual Decks/Variants/Etc' started by Thrash Golem, Dec 20, 2000.

  1. Thrash Golem New Member

    Hey, I was sitting there one day and thought this up. My rebel deck was doing kinda poopy versus powerhouses such as Fires and U/w Control, so I decided to make it more interesting. Here is the decklist:

    2x Saproling Burst
    3x Wax/Wane
    2x Fact or Fiction
    3x Power Sink
    4x Parallax Wave
    2x Teferi's Moat
    2x Armadillo Cloak

    4x Ramosian Sergeant
    4x Defiant Falcon
    4x Steadfast Guard

    4x Chimeric Idol

    16x Plains
    4x Adarkar Wastes
    4x Brushland

    Record so far:
    Nethergo - 5-1
    Fires - 4-1
    Everything else - 0-0

    Come on, I've only been testing it for a day.
  2. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    One well-timed three-point Pestilence, and you're out of win mechanisms.

    Rebel decks win because they're diverse enough to have some answer to almost any deck. Where are your Thermal/Nightwind Gliders? Where's Lin-Sivvi? I would lose blue altogether and make it W/G, so that you could play with a wider selection of rebels.
  3. Bladefall New Member

    W/G is definitly the way to go. Then add Lin Sivvi and Rebel Informer, yes he is black but you can search for him since he's a rebel. He's also great against rebel decks. Also try testing against another rebel deck and see how you do.
  4. galtwish Loudmouth

    Your deck is pretty cool. I wouldn't go with more rebels, however. Here's a thought:

    4 Parallax Wave
    4 Saproling Burst
    2 Dueling Grounds
    2 Hanna, Ship's Navigator
    4 Chimeric Idol
    4 Birds of Paradise
    4 Enlightened Tutor
    3 Seal of Cleansing
    1 Jayemdae Tome
    1 Restock
    4 Powersink
    4 Fact or Fiction
    4 Brushland
    4 Adakar Wastes
    3 Plains
    5 Island
    7 Forest

    The list is terrible so far, but it has potential. G/W/u for Hanna could be very strong, and Dueling Grounds is waiting to be exploited. Zanam Djinn would be a good addiiton, but Saproling Bursts + Hanna should be enough to kill most decks, and the CC is getting very high in the deck.

  5. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    dueling ground/saporling burst?
    You nuts?

    Sorry. I actually prefer the earlier deck.

    Okay, use Sterling grove and enlightened tutros. Also, hanna is a really good move!

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