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Discussion in 'General CPA Stuff' started by Spiderman, Aug 9, 2000.

  1. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I couldn't decide if this goes here or Decks, but it's not really a deck so...

    what I'm looking for is two ways to do a Turn 1 kill in Type 1. The first way is the one that uses the minimal amount of cards, probably but doesn't have to be unique (kind of like the ol Mox, Lotus, Bolt, Channel, Fireball simple).

    The second is the drawn out, probably reusing cards from graveyard, Turn 1 kill (like cast X, cast Regrowth, cast X, cast Wheel of Fortune, cast Y, cast Timetwister, cast X, etc).

    Thanks! This is merely for my amusement and useless knowledge (although maybe it'll help someone else).
  2. The Undertaker New Member

    You could always do the Lotus, Mox, Mountain, Sneak Attack Serra Avatar. Also, I have done this (once before I got slapped): Lotus, DoomsDay, Tolarian Academy, Time Walk, Mox Sapphire, Ruby, and Sol Ring. Time Walk and DoomsDay. With the 5 cards the top left from DoomsDay...Ancestral Recall, Soldevi Digger, Time Walk, Howling Mine, & Lighting Bolt. On your next turn should be able to draw all cards but Lightning bolt but you can then play Time Walk again and use Digger two put on bottom of library. Infinite turns and lightning bolts. Need a pretty lucky draw on that one though.
  3. The Undertaker New Member

    Probably need better grammar then I displayed in that last post as well. hehe
  4. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Just what I'm looking for...
  5. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    Swamp, Black Lotus.
    Tap and sac Lotus for three red mana.
    Tap Swamp to cast Dark Ritual (see, Duke?).
    Use one red mana to play Raging Goblin.
    Use BBBRR to play Hatred for 19. Attack with 20/1 Goblin for the kill.
    (And it only uses five cards in your hand!)
  6. DÛke Memento Mori

    Come Instanbul, Dark Ritual has always been a balanced and a good card for all black players. Counterspell could be just as abusive, not in combos, but it's more powerful. He, I cast a spell, and you just COUNTER IT for UU no matter how much my spell costs...That's pretty mean...And alteast black doesn't have trillions of Rituals, just one. Blue has Thwart, Foil, Force of Will, Forbid, Counterspell, Power Sink...need I go more, because there IS more :)

    As for a good deck. I have a deck called TWISTER, here's the list:
    4x Ancestral Recall
    4x Time Walk
    4x Time Twister
    4x Psionic Blast
    4x Wheel of Fortune
    4x Lighting Bolt
    4x Black Lotus
    4x Mox Sapphire
    4x Mox Ruby(Whatever?)
    4x Volcanic Island
    4x City of Brass
    4x Gemstone Mine
    8x Island
    6x Mountain

    This deck wins on turn 1 everytime, except between now and then.
    SEE Istanbul, I told you I could build blue decks with no counter magic :) :) :)
  7. nodnarb24 Supreme Overlord/The Rat King

    Tag Guard

    That deck is not type 1. Most of those cards are restricted except for psionic blast, lightning bolt, and the land. also there is another card like dark ritual, Culling the Weak. But still counter still far out way black mana magic.
  8. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    Black has Culling the Weak, Blood Pet, Basal Thrull, Dark Ritual, Bubbling Muck...and X spells that cause damage (Drain Life, Soul Burn, etc) that blue doesn't have.

    Let me put it this way. I'll give you two Islands and five countermagic spells if you'll give me a Swamp, two Dark Rituals, two Hypnotic Specters, and the chance to go first.

    Countermagic has a weakness; speed gives it serious problems. An entire deck ARCHETYPE. Dark Ritual's drawback is...um...hmmm. Oh, that's right. There IS no drawback to Dark Ritual! It's just insanely fast mana to cast things that never should have come out that quickly.

    And if you want to talk about speed...
    Turn 1: Swamp, Dark Ritual, Carnophage, Carnophage, Carnophage. Go.
    Turn 2: Swamp, Bad Moon. I'll start beating you down with three 3/3 creatures on the second turn...

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  9. nodnarb24 Supreme Overlord/The Rat King

    Tag Guard

    There is a way to bet speed black with blue counter magic. Ever hear of Force of Will and Foil.
  10. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Technically speaking, card economy is a drawback to Ritual. And Countermagic has no drawbacks in and of themselves, they only have a drawback when put all together into a control deck.

    So... Countermagic has no drawback until in a deck. Dark Ritual has card disadvantage written all over it. Which is better again?

    My personal vote says Countermagic, but mainly 'cause I hate the stuff. Think about it, which one is harder to play against? With Dark Ritual, if they _do_ play a turn 1 Hippy, I can Shock or Bolt the thing. That's 2 for 1 in my favor. If, on the other hand, my opponent has Countermagic, everything goes 1 for 1, 'cause everything gets countered. That's some not card advantage, neh?
  11. Multani Treetrunk Guy

    The problem with speed decks is they empty hands too quickly.
    This is where counter magic catches up. If a blue deck can survive for a few turns, it can win the game.
    You should've seen the look on my opponent's when I Doused almost every red spell he played. He was literally asking permission to cast the spells.
    Counter decks can bring mucho satisfaction.:D
  12. nodnarb24 Supreme Overlord/The Rat King

    Tag Guard

    Yes, counter decks can give satisfaction but they can also get people pissed off at you. It's a double-edged sword.
  13. Apollo Bird Boy

    OK, here goes.

    Play Lotus, Mox Sapphire, Mox Ruby, Mox Pearl, City of Brass. Tap the Pearl to play Savannah Lions. Sac the Lotus to play Timetwister. Play Lotus, Mox Emerald, Mox Jet. Tap Mox Emerald to play Instill Energy on the Lions. Play Lotus Petal and sac it to Giant Growth the Lions. Sac the Lotus to play a Regrowth on the Twister and tap Sapphire and Ruby to Twister. Play Lotus and Lotus Petal, and tap all to Turnabout your artifacts (leaving a blue mana in your pool). Play a Mox Diamond (discarding a land). Tap all 6 artifacts to get a total (counting earlier blue mana) of UUUBGWR and Turnabout the artifacts (one card in hand, leaving GUW in your pool). Regrowth using GW and getting the Twister. Use U and tap the Ruby and Jet to Twister. Play Lotus and Petal. Sac the Lotus for 3 G and Berserk the Lions. Regrowth the Berserk and tap the Emerald to Berserk the Lions again. Attack with the 20/4 Lions.

    There, I did it. Hah. You may think I could have done it much easier, but I had to work with the cards I drew :D

    Actually, it's completely legal, just not too likely.

  14. Multani Treetrunk Guy

    Where Ya been?!
  15. nodnarb24 Supreme Overlord/The Rat King

    Tag Guard

    Thats a lot of stuff but it should be fun
  16. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    Okay, look.

    First of all, forget about Bolt/Shock; in this theoretical example, I'm playing black, you're playing blue. Swamp, Ritual, Hypnotic Specter, want to concede now?

    Secondly, speed only NEEDS to get once permanent source of damage out. Turn 1, Mountain, Cursed Scroll. Turn 2, Mountain, Jackal Pup x2. You're playing blue control? You just LOST.

    Thirdly, you're talking about Force of Will and Foil...not only is Force of Will strictly an Extended/T1 card and a great way to damage yourself AND lose card advantage, and not only does Foil require THREE CARDS to use (an island, another card, Foil), but both of them have a wonderful way of emptying your hand. Experience tells me that Foil will empty your hand so much that you can't counter what comes next, and Force of Will...well, limited to four copies in a deck....

    Counter-decks aren't fun. I don't LIKE playing them. But you know what? I don't have a CHOICE. At my local tournament, people were *literally cheering for me* because my counter deck was the only deck that stood a chance against a local High Tide netdeck.

    Oh, and here's a scene for you. You play green, I play blue. You go first.
    Turn 1 - You: Forest, Llanowar Elves.
    Turn 1 - Me: Island.
    Turn 2 - You: Forest, City of Solitude.
    Turn 2 - Me: Concede.
  17. arhar Member

    Turn 1.

    Cards in hand: 7

    Play a Mountain. (6)

    Play a Black Lotus. (5)

    Sacrifice the Lotus to play a Ball Lighting. (4)

    Play a Mox Ruby. (3)

    Play a Mox Emerald. (2)

    Cast Berserk targeting Ball Lighting. (1)

    Cast Fork, forking the effect of Berserk on B.L. (0)

    Attack with 24/1 Trample Ball Lighting.
  18. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    You bad boys, Istanbul and DUke! Hijacking my thread...

    Although my thanks to Isty, arhar, and Apollo for his "entry" into the long, drawn-out way. Whew!

    I thought it didn't need to be said that this had to be legal, otherwise I would have just gone the 'ol Channel/Fireball route.
  19. Apollo Bird Boy

    I was in Florida. Still am, actually, though I'm sneaking online when I can. I'll be back a week from Saturday.
  20. The Undertaker New Member

    I thought of another first turn kill.

    Need black lotus, swamp, dark ritual, Lich, and donate. 5 cards and if you go first then they will be dead because they have no cards in play.

    On a side note, I just remembered the Liches' special power of drawing a card everytime you gain life. Mixed with blue (delusions of mediocrity and donate), some drain life's and soul feasts, maybe an ivory tower...the Lich could be just as good as necro? In T1 I, using P9 with 4 Liches, 4 donates, 4 delusions of med...it might be pretty broken.

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