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    Don't know if any of you saw this as it was buried pretty deep in the coverage, but the event horizons invitational had a pretty cool new format: the type 1 scavenger hunt. With a couple of altered categories my playgroup is hopefully going to give this a try during half term week. I like it because whilst it's not too tough to find cards that match the criteria, to get synergy between them is tough. Anyway here's the rules, lifted from http://www.ehevents.com/invitationalformats01.html :

    Decks must be Type 1 legal, even if the deck fits within the confines of the hunt. In other words, even though Black Lotus can be used for more than one category, only 1 copy is permitted since it is restricted in Type 1. Of the 75-card hunt list, 15 cards of the player's choice will be assigned to their sideboard.

    A single card cannot count for more than one category, but the same card may be used to fulfill multiple categories by playing with multiple copies of that card. In other words, Ghitu Slinger (eligible in several categories: echo, "187", gray ogre, etc.), only counts once for whatever category it is placed in, but multiple copies of the slinger can be played to fit into other categories.

    -The 75 cards required are as follows:
    Any non-artifact card with an upkeep cost
    Any spell with X in its casting cost
    Any cantrip (a spell that draws one card in addition to its normal effect)
    Any Gold card
    A snow-covered land
    Any card with cumulative upkeep
    A permanent with Echo or a creature with Shadow
    Any card whose card name contains the letters "E", "H", and "I"
    Any creature with creature type: Wall
    Any spell which has an alternate casting cost
    Any spell with buyback
    Any card with converted mana cost greater than 5
    Any card with cycling
    Any spell which has an optional kicker
    Any land which can become a creature
    Any spell with gating OR a growing enchantment (Saga Block)
    A split card
    Any spell with flashback
    An enchant land
    A legendary artifact, land, or creature
    Another legendary artifact, land, or creature (not the same card as above)
    A card whose flavor text contains words that rhyme
    Any rare of your choice
    Any uncommon of your choice
    Any common of your choice
    A creature with creature type: Spellshaper
    Any card that has at least triple color intensity (of the same color) in its mana cost
    Any card featuring the artwork of Adam Rex
    Any card featuring the artwork of Brian Snoddy
    Any card featuring the artwork of Carl Critchlow
    Any card featuring the artwork of Heather Hudson
    Any card featuring the artwork of Rebecca Guay
    An artifact that produces mana
    Any enchantment that can be played as an instant OR any permanent with Fading
    A land that does not produce mana
    Any ryhstic spell or perpetual enchantment
    A "hill giant" (a 3/3 creature for 3x mana)
    A "gray ogre" (a 2/2 creature for 2x mana)
    A "grizzly bear" (a 2/2 creature with a converted mana cost of 2)
    A 1/1 creature for 1 mana (any color)
    Any creature with a landwalk ability or protection
    A "187" creature (a creature with a comes-into-play effect)
    A card that depicts a female in the artwork
    A spell with converted mana cost greater than 7
    A permanent with a phasing, flanking, OR threshold ability
    A sleeping enchantment (veiled, opal, etc.) or any card that requires a coin flip
    Any card with a mechanic originating in the Torment set
    Any FOIL card of your choice
    Any card whose flavor text mentions Urza and/or Mishra
    Any card appearing in a winning deck (or SB) at any MTG: World Championships
    A creature with creature type: Licid
    Any non-basic land (A or B)
    Any non-basic land (A or B)
    Any non-basic land (other than A or B)
    Any non-basic land (other than A or B)
    20 basic lands

    So any ideas?
  2. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    S! indicates a permanent spot in the sideboard. :p

    Non-artifact with upkeep: Illusionary Terrain
    Spell with X in its casting cost: Stroke of Genius
    Cantrip: Dismiss
    Gold card: Shadowmage Infiltrator
    Snow-covered land: Swamp
    Card with cumulative upkeep: Illusionary Terrain
    Echo permanent or shadow creature: Urza's Blueprints
    Name contains "E", "H", and "I": Shadowmage Infiltrator
    Creature of type Wall: Fog Bank
    Spell with alternate casting cost: Force of Will
    Spell with Buyback: Forbid
    Converted mana cost higher than 5: Amugaba
    Card with cycling: Expunge
    Spell with optional kicker: Probe
    Land which can be a creature: Stalking Stones
    Gating card or growing enchantment: I know it says Urza's Block, but Legacy's Allure is a growing enchantment, and I wanna use it.
    Split card: Spite/Malice
    Spell with flashback: Chainer's Edict
    Enchant land: Caustic Tar
    Legendary land, artifact, or creature: Tetsuo Umezawa
    Another legendary land, artifact, or creature: Gwendlyn di Corsi
    Flavor text with words that rhyme: Breakthrough (The and be)
    Rare of my choice: Morphling
    Uncommon of my choice: Treasure Trove
    Common of my choice: Counterspell
    Spellshaper: Alexi, Zephyr Mage
    Triple color intensive: Necropotence
    Adam Rex's art: Gloomdrifter
    Brian Snoddy's art: Stratadon (S!)
    Carl Critchlow's art: Soul Scourge
    Heather Hudson's art: Ordered Migration (S!)
    Rebecca Guay's art: Mana Breach (EX) (S!)
    Artifact that produces mana: Sol Ring
    Instachantment or permanent with fading: Tangle Wire
    Land that doesn't produce mana: Maze of Ith
    Rhystic spell or perpetual enchantment: Rhystic Tutor
    Hill Giant: Phantom Monster
    Grey Ogre: Wind Drake
    Grizzly Bear: Black Knight
    1/1 creature for 1 mana: Flying Men
    Creature with landwalk or protection: Crypt Angel
    187 creature: Laquatus' Champion
    Card that depicts a female: Soothsaying
    Converted mana cost greater than 7: Time Stretch
    Permanent with phasing, flanking, or Threshhold: Cabal Torturer
    Any Sleeping enchantment or coin-flipper: Veiled Crocodile
    Card with mechanic from Torment: Faceless Butcher
    FOIL of my choice: Stroke of Genius
    Card with Brothers' flavor text: Corrupt
    Card appearing in winning Championship deck (I think) - Force of Will or Counterspell
    Creature with type Licid: Dominating Licid
    Nonbasic land A: Salt Marsh
    Nonbasic land B: Underground River
    Nonbasic land C: Strip Mine
    Nonbasic land D: Wasteland
    20 Basic land: 10x Island, 10x Swamp
  3. Turtlewax Joe CPA Hater of Train

    I'm so doing this tomorrow if no one posted on my MTGnews deck help thread. and after i finish fixing extended decks i'll go to alpha beta unlimited and do this thingy of ours.!

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