Two things

Budget Player Cadet

Where in the world is BPC
1. Chatroom
I dunno if this defeats any kind of purpose, but a chatroom would make play-by-post take a matter of dozens of minutes, as opposed to days... I'd look into it, I dunno. Seems like a good enough idea.

2. Favicon
Just makes the site look better. ;) Maybe the CPA from the banner, made smaller?


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1) Well, the whole point of the play-by-post is to allow people to post on their own time. If they wanted real-time games, they could just connect via Apprentice or get on Magic: Online or whatever.

2) Don't know what that is.

Budget Player Cadet

Where in the world is BPC
The favicon is the little picture next to the site; it shows up on the browser. Like for example, Google's is the little purple G symbol.


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Speaking of favicons, sometimes they go a bit weird for me on bookmarks. Now my bookmark for this site is stuck with the favicon for the site "When to Work" (it's an indigo "W" sitting on top of a royal blue "W" and I no, I don't know how it happened).