Two Magic Variants: Rainbow Stairwell & Chameleon + sample decks

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    Here are two interesting variants of MAgic play I hope all of you try out and enjoy as much as I do. *Chomp*

    Rainbow Stairwell
    In this format, you must build a deck that is EXACTLY 56 cards and without a sideboard. The deck is structured in a way that you must use all 5 colors and artifacts in the deck. Your deck must consist of 6 cards from each color and artifacts as well as 2 of each of the ten Dual Lands (Tundra, Scrubland, etc). The 6 cards must contain one of each converted mana cost of that color up to 6. For example, your White section might look like:
    Converted Mana cost of 1: Mother of Runes (W)
    CC of 2: Disenchant (1W)
    3: Exile (2W)
    4: Wrath of God (2WW)
    5: Serra Angel (3WW)
    6: Catastrophe (4WW)

    You repeat this for all 5 colors and for artifacts. Your deck must have 36 cards and 20 land for a total of 56 - no more, no less. This format generally uses the T1 banned/restricted list. Any card that mentions Non-Basic Lands - Blood Moon or Primal Order are good examples - are banned.

    The only spells in your deck are those that require more than one color of mana to cast. This includes both "gold" cards as well as nominally one color cards that have an off-color kicker. During play, you may only play such cards if an off-color kicker cost is paid. Failure due to so may be subject to a Misrepresentation penalty. The minimum deck size is 60 cards. Each deck must have 2 of each of the "Dual Lands" (Tundra, Scrubland), and may contain any number of additional lands.
    Any T1 legal card conforming to these rules may be played with the exception of the following banned cards:

    Maze of Ith
    Library of Alexandria
    Strip Mine
    1996 World Champion
    Crystalline Sliver
    Spined Sliver
    Hibernation Sliver
    Acidic Sliver
    Victual Sliver
    Llanowar Dead
    Putrid Warrior
    Goblin Legionnaire
    Gaea's Skyfolk
    Yavimaya Barbarian
    Llanowar Knight
    Galina's Knight
    Shivan Zombie
    Vodalian Zombie

    And here are the decks I currently run in both formats on Apprentice. The RS deck has taken a couple of forms, and the Chameleon is the first draft:

    Rainbow Stairwell - v4
    1 Swords to Plowshares
    1 White Knight
    1 Paladin en-Vec
    1 Congregate
    1 Serra Angel
    1 Ruham Djinn
    1 Ancestral Recall
    1 Time Walk
    1 Phantom Warrior
    1 Sand Squid
    1 Time Warp
    1 Arcanis, the Omnipotent
    1 Vampire Bats
    1 Demonic Tutor
    1 Bog Raiders
    1 Diabolic Tutor
    1 Sengir Vampire
    1 Visara The Dreadful
    1 Lightning Bolt
    1 Fork
    1 Browbeat
    1 Blistering Firecat
    1 Gratuitous Violence
    1 Two-Headed Dragon
    1 Rancor
    1 Whirling Dervish
    1 Mirri, Cat Warrior
    1 Yavimaya Ants
    1 Rushwood Elemental
    1 Rhox
    1 Sol Ring
    1 Scroll Rack
    1 Well of Knowledge
    1 Juggernaut
    1 Thran Golem
    1 Urza's Blueprints
    2 Volcanic Island
    2 Underground Sea
    2 Tundra
    2 Tropical Island
    2 Taiga
    2 Scrubland
    2 Savannah
    2 Plateau
    2 Bayou
    2 Badlands

    Chameleon - v1
    1 Vampiric Dragon
    1 Fungal Shambler
    2 Energy Bolt
    2 Jungle Barrier
    2 Reparations
    2 Squee's Revenge
    2 Stormbind
    2 Treva's Charm
    2 Xira Arien
    3 Quicksilver Dagger
    3 Prophetic Bolt
    3 Riptide Crab
    3 Shadowmage Infiltrator
    4 Goblin Legionnaire
    4 Last Stand
    4 Suffocating Blast
    2 Badlands
    2 Bayou
    2 Plateau
    2 Savannah
    2 Scrubland
    2 Taiga
    2 Tropical Island
    2 Tundra
    2 Underground Sea
    2 Volcanic Island

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