Twist on the good ol' wake

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  1. stealthy_assassin New Member

    Hi, I am looking to tweak this deck, its done very well against casuals(105-2)
    one los to affininty, one b/c didnt read heartless hidegetsugu properly (had swords to plowshares in hand but tapped out)

    I know it may not sound effective, dut i know it needs some tweaks. It is control oriented G/W wake based deck. It is heavy on destruction, /w mana.
    acceleration. Primarily a stalling deck, that hits hard, and is versatile. Capable of dealing with most weanie decks

    4 swords to plowshares
    2 parallax waves
    2 intrepid heroes(SB)
    3 wrath of god

    2 humbles (1 side board)
    2 naturalise(SB)
    2 disenchant (SB)
    2 Ray of revelation
    4 swords to plowshares.
    2 moments peace

    4 decree of justice
    3 Wrath of god(aforementioned

    4 mirari wakes
    2 glare of subduals (good for tapdown /stalling)
    2 Ghostly Prison(SB)
    2 Aegis of Honor(SB, anti burn)

    3 exalted angel
    1 Birds of paradise
    3 Llanowar elves
    2 eternal witness +1 SB
    3 sakura tribe elder
    2 basking rootwalla
    2 xantid swarm (SB, lethal on first turn, against instant based decks, i.. counter)

    im worried that my deck has too many themes, 2 many cooks spoil the broth.
    My main concern is inconsitency and counter decks. I need those torment anti counter spells(the ones that makenext creature uncounterable, enchantment
    decree fo justice is cyclable , gg counter, eternal i for recovery, creatures to hold the line, big creatures, or creatures like avatar of woe are no problem.
    Any thing to suggest?
  2. Killer Joe Active Member

    3 Exalted Angels
    2 Eternal Dragon
    3 Eternal Witness

    4 Wrath of God
    4 Swords to Plowshares
    4 Naturalize
    4 Pulse of the Fields
    4 Moment's Peace
    4 Decree of Justice
    4 Mirrari's Wake

    4 Temple Garden (I would these now, before they were Brushlands)
    4 Savannah
    6 Forest
    10 plains

    No SB://

    I once used a deck similar to yours and here's the list, as far as I can remember.

    I also had BLUE in this deck and it was based loosely off of the '04 champs deck with Counterspell et al.

    As for your deck specifically; I'd say stick with your build, it sounds like you "OWN" when you play it. :)

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