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  1. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    The original idea was by teammate Andy McNish (who`s warped mind brought you the original CounterSliver long, long ago). Andy tends to come up with about one idea every month. About once a year one of them turns out to be not entirely terrible, and is in fact utterly amazing instead.

    This, at first glance (once we`d picked through his original decklist and taken out about a dozen extraneous cards) appears to be one of the better ideas.

    Im posting it here for two reasons:
    1) Before anybody in my team gets to play this not only will Odyssey be in (which probably has little effect on its viability) but the expected rotation of IA, AL, HL, 5th, and Dual lands will probably have happened. Losing those cards pretty much kills the deck stone dead as you lose FoW and Duals, and with Duals go Gush and Thwart.
    2) The only people who MIGHT be able to play it are those heading to the PT, such as JohnO. If he sees it and likes it... then who knows. Maybe you saw the best deck in extended here first ;)

    The basic concept is that the Turboland deck has a great amount of synergy with the Stasis deck, and so you can include a whole new aspect to the deck simply by changing 5 cards. Adding Stasis gives you resistance to all the disruption people are throwing at your Oath defense mechanism, and also protects in counterwars, where under a Stasis your Exploration makes for a game-winning lack of board parity.
    Its actually a PHENOMENAL idea, imho, and once we`d taken out all the Stasis junk Andy had in (like a Stroke, an Archangel, Dazes etc) and turned it back into 90% Turboland, we've been having significant success.

    aka. TSL
    aka. Hovi and Mowshowitz`s love child.

    by Andy McNish and David Sutcliffe

    4 Exploration
    3 Oath Of Druids
    2 Gaeas Blessing

    3 Impulse
    3 Stasis
    2 Counterspell
    1 Boomerang
    3 Thwart
    4 Gush
    4 Force Of Will
    1 Time Warp

    1 Claws Of Gix
    2 Scroll Rack
    3 Horn Of Greed

    1 Spike Feeder
    1 Crater Hellion

    1 Faerie Conclave
    1 Riths Grove
    1 Trevas Ruins
    1 Taiga
    2 Yavimaya Coast
    4 Tropical Island
    4 Volcanic Island
    8 Island

    Anybody thinking 'How do you win under a Stasis' - you dont. The Stasis gives you time to lay land and draw cards then you simply sacrifice/bounce it at their EOT, and then take infinite turns and kill them.
    The card I am most scared of it Extract, which screws this deck over royally. Youd need to add a 2nd Time Warp and 3rd Blessing into an already tight build to avoid Extract.

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