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  1. r00tg04t New Member


    4 Serra Angel (kill card, "oldie but goodie")


    3 Syncopate (excellent for more counters)
    2 Teferi's Moat (T2 Moat anyone?)
    4 Wrath of God (BEWM!)
    2 Dismantling Blow (Disenchants work too, the card draw is good though)
    3 Divert (Amazing.)
    4 Counterspell (duh)
    4 Absorb (duh)
    4 Opt (great consistancy card - Finkle)
    1 Balancing Act (a bad version of Balance.. might remove it)
    1 Time Stretch (great for late game, 3 attacks in a row with serra, 3 for 1 card advantage, 3 untaps.)
    4 Fact or Fiction (duh)


    8 Plains
    10 Island
    2 Coastal Tower (with opt alot of tap-lands sux0r)
    4 Adarkar Wastes

    i love the deck, it does fairly well too...
  2. Rando Freaky Bear

    Why the misnomer of "turbo"?
  3. Lotus Mox New Member

    I think it's l33t now to call every crappy deck Turbo-<insert random card out of the deck here>

    I am waiting for someone to build a Turbo-Root Greevil deck :D
  4. Mikeymike Captain Hiatus

    Don't diss Turbo-Root Grevil, that deck is insane I tell you!

    Right now I see your biggest weakness being creature rush decks. Personally, I would include the original Turbo card Orim's Chant to combat the rush.

    I don't think you need the Balancing Act, as I think it would be best in a deck build around it. Plus you'll probably end up having to discard to it.

    Last thing, I torn on Time Stretch. It is 10 mana but its also one of the coolest cards ever. Your call.

    Deck looks solid.

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