Tribond: Question 8 Answer and Scores

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Spiderman, Oct 19, 2001.

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    Sorry for the late posting; my car went on the fritz and had to switch my work off-day from today to yesterday.

    What do these three have in common?

    Answer: They're characters on the TV show Welcome Back, Kotter

    Apparently age might have had something to do with this question, not a lot of people tried to answer.

    Players who got it right: Azreal, EricBess, Gaelic, sageridder


    EricBess 8
    sageridder 8
    Gaelic 7
    Elrond 4
    Apollo 2
    Azreal 2
    Hetemti 2
    Melkor 2
    fuzzy 1
    Istanbul 1
    linsivvi 1

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