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  1. rkoelsch Angel Boy

    Well I played Magic in person for the first time in 2 weeks
    Played in a little 8 player tournament at the local shop
    Here is the deck I played
    Unnatural Reflection

    4-Darting Merfolk
    4-Glacial Wall
    4-Fleeting Image
    1-Silver Drake(it is supposed to be a Sawtooth Loon)
    2-Sawtooth Loon

    4-Unnatural Selection
    4-Pure Reflection
    2-Seal of Cleansing
    1-Fact or Fiction(it is supposed to be 3 opt 2 fact or fiction)


    4-Adarkar Wastes
    4-Coastal Tower

    3-Standard Bearer(Burn)
    3-Teferi's Response(land destruction)
    3-Wrath of God(many creatures)
    3-Last Breath(Nether Spirit)
    1-Aura Blast
    1-Dismantling Blow

    the last 3 cards were supposed to be disenchants but i was in a hurry and just grab 3 cards

    Round 1 played tom (R/B Zombies)
    this match went to 3 games. First game I got the combo out when I was at 6 life and he couldn't kill me before I did him in. 2nd Match he brought in Hull breach and was able to play it because he had terminal terrain and like 2 forest. 3 game i again stablized at about 4 life and won
    match 1-0 games 2-1

    Ron 2 played a young kid with Mono Red Burn
    This kid had Rages and Skizziks and he would get me down to 5 or 6 life and the didn't draw anything but land and creatures. My deck has no problem with creatures. These were actually 2 fast games
    Match 2-0 games 4-1

    Ron 3 played a gent with the UGR deck with snakes, blurred mongoose, Propetic bolts and fire ice. We played one game that I managed to lose but it was very close. Then he offered a draw and I took it

    Match 2-0-1 Games 4-2

    so in the Semifinals who do I play. The kid with the rages. It was a different story this time. He drew all his burn. took me 2-0.

    so finished out of the money but had fun.

    Played in a booster draft that netted me 4 rares

    Crosis(i opened him first)
    Diabolic Intent( took this when it came around it was the 2nd pick)
    Sunken Hope(took this over some bad cards on the second go around)
    Whirpool Warrior(also got him the second go around)

    lost first match 1-2
    He had Dromar and some permission and I didn't get any good removal
  2. rkoelsch Angel Boy

    Well I never said I was a good tourney report writer. I want to make a few comments about the deck now that the afterglow of praise has subsided.
    It was a fun deck. I really liked playing it. In every match people were picking up Pure Reflection or Unnatural Selection and reading it. It was so unexpected which I really liked. And it kicked butt. If I had thought about it a little more I would replace the Wrath's in the SB for Cop:Red. That little change would have won the tournament.The most important single card of the deck. Sawtooth loon. I really needed that 3rd one. I was never sorry to see it. it allowed me to speed through my deck very quickly.

    So that being said will I play it next week.....(tension mounts)...No. A lot of it's success came from it surprise factor and also because the best players weren't there. It was a mana and time intensive deck. It required time to establish the lock and control the board. This made for some very long games where I was recasting the same creature over and over. Try as I might it was impossible to turn it into a beatdown deck.

    Besides the guys kid me by saying I shouldn't be allowed to play islands. So I am going to play a W/R/u Flying earthquake deck.

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