Tim, Prodigal Sorcerer

Discussion in 'Home Made Cards' started by Griffion2000, Nov 23, 2000.

  1. Griffion2000 New Member

    Here we go.....

    Tim, Prodigal Master
    Creature - Wizard legend
    XU, T: Put X charge counters on Tim
    Remove X charge counters, T: Deal X damage to target creature or player
    "Who said red only has good burn?" - Tim

    Prodigal School
    Legendary Land
    Comes into play tapped
    T: Add U to your mana pool
    T: Deal 1 damage to target creature or player
    "So this is where all those blasted bolts come from!" - minotaur general

    Tom, Tim's Apprentice
    Creature - Wizard Legend
    T: Put 3 charge counters on Tom
    Remove X charge counters, T: Deal X-1 damage to target creature or player
    "I am to Tim as Shock is to Bolt." - Tom
  2. Demon New Member

    I love the Prodigal School! :D
    The name would have to be changed, it's mentioned in Tim's flavour text, if I was home right now I could find it. Anyone remember?

    I'm no expert on card design, but perhaps the prodigal master needs a little adjusting. I'd make him cost 1 more, and maybe a 2 for toughness.
    I might also make Tom cost 1 more :confused:
    Just some thoughts.

    I really like the idea of expanding on some existing cards; I think it enriches the world of Magic in a way that the novels and storylines don't/can't. I'd like to see some more work done with the minotaurs. hmmm, maybe I'll have to try and come up with something.

    Anyways, Good Job!
  3. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    If tom is the apprentice, then why is he better than tim?

    Ransac, cpa garbage man
  4. Griffion2000 New Member

    Tom is only better if your trying to deal 1 or 2 damage.

    Sex Monkey
    Creature - Monkey
    When Sex Monkey comes into play, shag target player.
    "It's shagidelic, baby!" Austin Powers

    Tammy, Tim's Wife
    Creature - Wizard Legend
    T: Deal 2 damage to target creature or player
    "Whenever Tammy gets angry, the house falls down, litterly." Tim

    Tod, Tim's Baby Son
    Creature - Baby Wizard Legend
    Sac a land: Put 2 charge counters on Tod
    Remove X counters, T: Deal X damage to target creature or player
    "He is so gifted for his age." Samantha, Tods' preschool teacher

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