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  1. Dune Echo CPA Founder, Idea Man

    What are the APAC lands and what's the difference in the color of the packaging? Also, how do get ahold of some of those spiffy new foils without selling a kidney or two? Who ever thought Lightning Bolt would sell for as much as a Mox?
  2. Waubers New Member

    APAC lands were a special printing of lands from the 98 Asian Pacific championships. They depict different scenes from the region like Mt. Fuji in Japan and that big rock in Australia, and the great wall of China. I got a set at Gen Con and they're the coolest lands I've ever seen and they're really had to get $3-$5 a piece and there is 15 different lands al together (3 of each basic land). Those super rare foils are talking about are promo cards that will be given out to high level judges and as prizes for areana league. They were mis-coalated into Urza Destiny packs in the second uncommon spot. I guess there was only like 4000 of each one printed and about half wound up in destiny boosters. I have one of the a Foil Thran Quarry that looks awsome. I paid $75 for it on an auction on ebay and now the priceis even lower 60 - 80 on average. The foil basic lands are Areana league prizes that you get for a certain number of points earned. I have 2 forests and 2 islands and the islands look awsome. The other 3 will be released progressivly in the next like 9 months. They are trading straight up fpr Cradle's and Strokes so peopel really want them.


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  3. Waubers New Member

    Another interesting fact is that there is one foil super-rare in every 135 booster boxes and they're like 4 times more rare than black lotus from alpha. At Gen Con on dealer was selling the super rare foils for 150 - 200 a piece and they only had like 8 of each one. If you get one hold on to it because WotC isn't printing any more of them. Oh and here is the cards that were mis coalated that are foil that shouldn't:

    Stroke of Genius; Pouncing Jaguar; Gaea's Cradle; Thran Quarry; Rewind; Skittering Skirge; Duress; Serra Avatar; Karn, Silver Golem and Lightning Bolt.

    The rare ones are even more rare than the commons ones.


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  4. Waubers New Member

    I forgot the difference on color on the APAC lands is that there is a blue wraping red wraping, and clear wraping. Each pack contained 5 basic lands with alternate art. You needed to get all 3 colored packs to get all 15 lands (which I do). I think each player at the championship only got 1 pack so you had to trade to get a full set.


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  5. nekrataal Administrator

    I wish this stupid thing had an edit button...

    Also, a guy on MOTL says he got a one of a kind foil from someone who works at Wizards. Its a foil Burst of Energy with a White Knight in the picture box. The White Knight art is from the 4th edition and earlier art too. He said it was originally planned to be given to the this year's World Champ, but why would they make it a misprint?! Its the strangest damn thing I've ever seen. Probably just a good fake too.

    I've got a scan of it too if you guys want to see it. Just email me.

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  6. nekrataal Administrator

    Instead of emailing that bizarro card to everyone, you guys can look at it here:

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  7. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Just for the record, it is fake. The mana symbol is a bit to the right of where it should be, the Legacy symbol is also slightly off, and I think the right beveled edge looks a bit odd...

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  8. TomB Administrative Assistant

    Cool though. I wonder how hard it is to do something like that.

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  9. nekrataal Administrator

    Well gang, that solves that mystery.
  10. Ferret CPA Founder, Slacker

    I just love how Wizards claimed they "accidentaly" printed them - who is that possible? Somebody must have been smoking some great crack at the presses that day...


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  11. nekrataal Administrator

    I know, how do you "accidently" mix a completely different sheet of foils into the Destiny foils. I still believe it was just a marketing gimmic to improve Destiny sales.

    Anyway, aren't the super rare foils eventually going to be released as prizes at Arena events? Thats what I heard and if thats the case then they'll go way down in price.

    Also, I heard on eBay that there were only like 1,500 sets of each APAC land printed. I'm not sure if that is an accurate number, but it would seem accurate due to their exorberant (spl?) prices.

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  12. Waubers New Member

    That thing is really fake! I've seen fake foils before and they never have that 3d quality that the real ones have. That puppy is a fake


    "gawd I hope my ultra rare foil isn't fake."
  13. Dune Echo CPA Founder, Idea Man

    Speaking of special promo lands, have any of the Netherlands lands trickled over here yet? Anyone have any pictures of them yet?

    What's your most special promo card?
    I have a foil Serra Angel and a foil Balduvian Horde and a complete set of foil Urza's Legacy that I won from the Duelist (SWEAR ON A STACK OF BIBLE BOOKS!).

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