This where Baron is going to post his recycle deck

Discussion in 'Casual Decks/Variants/Etc' started by Child of Gaea, Sep 11, 1999.

  1. Child of Gaea Phantom CPA Founder

    Baron has a cool recycle deck that I have been telling him to post, so now maybe he will. [IMG] It kicks my arse. [IMG]

    "You only played 15 cards this turn Baron whats wrong?"
  2. Ed Sullivan CPA Founder, Web Guy

    I have a pretty funny Recycle deck on apprentice. Think about it: 28 0cc creatures (Kobolds!) and recycle. [IMG] Then, last ditch effort or overrun... it sucks, but oh well.

    I'm about to add more emoticons to the collection. [IMG]
  3. Baron Sengir CPA Founder, Vampire Legend

    Well, Child has been bugging me about this enough so here it is: My Recycle deck. I can't think of a flashy name for it so if any of you have any suggestions, please let me know. Also, this deck is type one legal so if someone wants to use it in a tourney for some reason modifications will be necessary and are encouraged. So without further adieu:


    3x Llanowar Elves (kick-ass little keeblers)
    4x Wild Growths (a free card w/ Recycle)
    4x Heart Warden (Llanowars with a very useful late-game ability)
    4x Multani's Acolyte (draw two cards with Recycle)
    3x Wall of Roots (Quick Mana + Early Defense = a great card)
    2x Hunting Moa (Potential beatdown or creature pumper)
    2x Marker Beetles (see above)
    4x Yavimaya Elder (Ancestral recall in creature form. This guy is good way beyond words)
    1x Whirlwind (I know it needs to be a Hurricane but I have a lot of Green decks and only so many of those to go around)
    4x Weatherseed Treefolk (usually the kill card if the horde of utility creatures don't do the job first)
    1x Plated Spider (sometime kill card and great defense against fliers)
    2x Stunted Growth (Three free turns. Plow Under will work well here, too)
    4x Recycle (the engine. Get one out and start drawing cards)
    2x Desert Twister (omnipotent)

    20x Forest

    This is one fun deck, let me tell you. I have been trying to make a decent deck around Recycle since it came out. I tried a variant of a deck I saw on the dojo where the guy tried to put all of his land into play on one turn and then play Nature's Revolt and attack w/ his forests but it was always the same. Discard killed me. A single stupor and the deck came crashing down like a house of cards in a hurricane. The creatures in this deck can be sacked to draw cards, thereby preventing this delimma. Each of the creatures in Recycledeck.version2.0 are useful by themselves and doubly so with a recycle on the board.

    The few ways I have lost with this deck is being hit with a hymn to tourach when I had a recycle on the board and no sack creatures and having two recycles in play and decking myself. One is all you will ever need. Just keep playing stuff until you're out of mana and attack en masse.

    I welcome any comments or suggestions and if someone would happen to use this deck in a tourney, just let me know how you do and post the decklist. I would be interested in seeing how it does.

    I remain
    The Baron
    Please help me come up with a better name for this deck ... [IMG]
  4. theorgg Slob

    well, I pride myself on creative naming, so how is this logic path:
    the recycle symbol is a bunch of arrows going in a circle.
    the deck RUNS on recycle.
    so how about your run-around deck?
    somthing on those lines.

    do you see the logic to that?

    how about another example to my crazy logic: my PINK FLOYD deck. it is based on mirror mirron.
    a famous saying with mirror mirror is: "mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?"
    well, The Wall is an AWESOME Pink Floyd album. get the picture?

    oh, and as for suggestions, try throughing in some concardant crossroads. they seem like they may work.

    ...and she <mumble mumble mumble> gave me the run around <mumble> <harmonica>
    - blues traveler
  5. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Overrun and Gaea's Cradle might do quite well...

    --Zadok001, aka Greater Good fanatic
  6. Baron Sengir CPA Founder, Vampire Legend

    Yeah, I never even considered the Cradle. Stupid, huh? I wish I had enough Overruns to cram into this thing. I almost put a couple Greater Goods into it but with a recycle on the table, I decked myself a lot in playtest. I even considered a Library of Leng or two so I didn't have to discard. I just didn't have room

    I remain
    The Baron
    Beating Child of Gaea's Ass on a regular basis. [IMG]

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