These Damned Kamigawa Cards...



Heads-up to anyone reading this, this topic is very lighthearted in comparison to the usual stuff in this forum.

But enough with the introductions.

Am I the only one having a tough time remembering the names of the CoK-block cards? I've always been good at retaining what exactly a card does, but the Japanese naming conventions for CoK are messing me up.

Whether its Hokori vs. Horobi vs Hasato, Shinobi vs Shinola, etc. etc. I keep on looking at the decklists in the Decks forum and my mind goes completely blank.

Ack! Its killing me.


I, too, get very mixed up on stuff. However, I look at it as a challenge to learn new things about another language. Its fun to try to see what roots for what meanings in words, and how they're used all about in a creative way.

But, in the end, they really do trip up efficient speed recognition...

Killer Joe

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Do you really think that these are genuine Japanese words? Do you mean to tell me that there is some poor soul running around out there with the name Kiki-Jiki?

Freaky..... :p

I wonder when there will be a set reflecting my bretheren's, the Mex's :confused:


Yea. I find it confusing at times.

Sometimes I have to rely on context to get the idea of what card someone's talking about.


Yes, a lot of stuff really are Japanese words. Other stuff, Japanese names. I picked up an issue of Newtype USA (anime magazine) and while reading character info and show plots, I realized that there were a lot of common names shared between anime shows for places/people, and names used in CHK and BoK. None come to mind right now, but I noticed them like beacons while reading.

Since its such an alien culture, I'm sure the names and items we see are either taken directly from, or altered only ever so slightly from normal names in Japanese. Not common ones, but maybe some uncommon or cool sounding ones or something.

For all we know, it would be the equivalent of them making "Tony, Rock Smasher" or "Kyle the Snot-Nosed" or "George the Overmaster" or whatnot.

Then again, yeah, some things are made up or just really creative. Isamaru = Samurai (anagram)