The Road to Tourneyland: Comfort Zone

Discussion in 'General CPA Stuff' started by Killer Joe, Nov 24, 2001.

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    It is a fact that we Humans are creatures of habit. I wake up every morning and have coffee and eat a bowl of oatmeal (see Maslow's hiearchy of needs) and perform other morning rituals. If I don't, I'm somehow thrown out of synch with myself and tend to have a bad day, especially if I miss my morning coffee :(.

    And so, every week I go to my local shop (I always try to support local business) to play magic, that is, until THIS week.

    I just felt like trying something different, so I went to the magic shop in a nearby borough (Penn Hills) to a place called Infiinity Comics and More .

    They have Friday Night Magic/Arena/Sanctioned tourney's, the works!

    Although out of my element, I saw some recognizable faces of those who venture to our store from time to time.

    Anyway, I loved this place, the patrons were really friendly and the shopkeeper <CJ>, in particular, was extremely cool.

    I got ther around 5 pm (I think they were already opened up for several hours cause when I there, there were people already leaving having played what I assumed was a lot of magic. This was Friday afternoon, the day after Thanksgiving.

    So I walk in, and there's a multiplayer game going on and I immediately feel the welling of joy (I still love multiplayer). When they're done with the game I start walking away to look around the rest of the shop thinking that nobody plays more than one MP game in a row, whan all of a sudden I hear, "Hey, let's play again.". I turn around and ask if I could jump-in (I often invite myself to things-John Rizzo once wrote in a reply to my query of playing Magic with him at his house and at CMU, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained", that was his way of saying, "No.".)

    Now that was around 5:30 and FNM hadn't started yet. We played two more MP games and it's now 7:15 and I'm in heaven, the shop keeper now announces that FNM will start and it's T2 (hmmm, type II, my f-a-v-o-r-i-t-e, drool, drool), okay, not really, but that's I went to this shop in the first place :).

    This story is getting long, so let me cut to the chase:
    I stayed untill 10:30 pm (way later than my hometown shop stays open, in fact, Infinity stays open until the cows go home, at like, mid-night), I did horribly (0-4), but I had the best time.

    My litmus test of how much of a great place/good time I've had is when I leave, folks call me by name and say, "Goodbye". And that's exactly what happened.

    That was 5 and a half hrs. of magic (more if I would've gotten there earlier and left later and I met some great folks.

    I would highly recommend, that if you can, go visit another shop close to you say within a half-hour drive. I did and was glad I did it.

    I'll be seeing ya on that long and dusty Tourneyland.

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