The Road to Tourneyland: 3 Kudos, a complaint and, 6 packs

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    First of all, I hope all is going well for Gizmo at the UK Nat'ls (tell me "G-man", do the Irish play Magic, too?).

    Kudos #1: "The Flights"
    Whoever came up with THIS idea at Wiz Co., IMO, is a genius! The 'Burgh ran nearly 4 flights (2 shy of a completed fourth!). I got there just in-time to be the 31st. person for the first flight and I thought, "Wow, good thing, because they only ran 1 last time." Professional-Events Services (The folks who run Pittsburgh/Columbus/Detroit pre-releases) were On-The-Ball! Things started on-time, they were professional at all times and they have GOOD folks running it.

    Kudos #2: "The Drafts"
    Typically, only about 10 or 11 so drafts are held at these things, but the folks here in the 'Burgh wouldn't have it. When the announcement came aroud 5 o'clock that the last booster was being held, well all hell broke lose. I am NOT exaggerating, there must've been about 20 folks who walked up to the head dude and complained, so they kept running them. 20 in all! Good for PES, they gave what the peoplw wanted and without much 'guff' (not commodor Guff ;)).

    Kudos #3: "Matt Cavotta" (the artist for Questing Phelddagrif)
    PES actually had a REAL artist there, and he was cool. He kind of looks like Ertai from the Exodus card. I got my three hippo's signed and I was happy. I wanted to buy a print but I was bound for Draft-City! This guy actually plays Magic, too. He signed up for the last draft, how kewl is THAT?!

    A Complaint: "People who don't pay attention!"
    To complain about a "newbie" to Magic or pre-release tournament Magic would be unfair, however, being "Ticked-Off" at folks who live in their own world aND DON'T PAY ATTENTION, PISS ME OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Never drafted before? Okay, just listen to the judge and the folks next to you and you'll do just fine. Not the 2 people to my left, though. The judge was very clear about the a pack, take one card pass the 14 to your right, yadda-yadda-yadda, and so on. Well, these guys kept talking during this time and I assumed they were veteran drafters (remember, never ID newbies based on their age), so I didn't say anything (my big mistake). We open packs, we pass when you are ready (not at the same time-how come nobody does the raising the arm thing anymore?), anyway I get the cards passed to me and there are 12,.......yup, 12. He took the rare and the 3 uncommons, and so did his friend, not only that, but his friend passed the cards to the left! Okay, a "newbie" mistake, no harm done, hey, that could've been or WAS us at one time.
    Next, I happened to look to my left and these guys are looking at each others cards and talking about trading them RIGHT THEN AND THERE!!! Being an adult and an educator, I felt it necessary to speak up, gently. I did and got thee blankest stares in the world from these two.
    Third pack and some very annoying mistakes later, the one was friggin' memorizing each card and was holding up the passing of the cards, he was looking at the other piles AT THE SAME TIME so he could figure out what he needed! Sidenote: This seamed like a Twilight Zone episode becaused it seemed like I was the only one concerned. Whatever.
    I got throught it and was beaten by a young Jon Finkle-type, Legendary Weapon is Killer in Draft!

    Six Packs: "Draft #10" (An hour later of above mention episode)
    I know some folks have issues about drawing-in, but we're talking about packs here, not the pro-tour. My first round opponent "dropped", my 2nd round opponent got crushed by me (Consume Strength is some good tm). My third round opponent was anxious about playing me because he saw how I crushed my 2nd round opponent (BTW, for those of you that don't me, I usually don't speak so Cocky about myself but this is an accurate description of what I did to another good player). So, I didn't think there would be any harm in sharing with a fellow card-flopper, besides, I made a new friend - Hi Josh!)

    First Flight results: 2-2
    my fourth match was played against Megan so-in-so, all I can remember was that she beat me silly (and I didn't even have to pay for it ;)) and that she was, by far, the cleanest player I've ever played against (I don't mean hygiene-wise), I mean she played flawlessly, IMO.

    Draft #4: 0-1
    This was the debacle draft.

    Draft #10: 2-0-Draw-In
    We split the packs six an six.

    Card(s) of the day: Mystic Snake & Yavimaya Coast
    I walked away with 2 of each :)
    I got nothing else worth mentioning.

    I hope all of your PR's were as interesting as mine :)!

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