The Rhystic Study/Rishadan pirates deck!

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  1. Jigglypuff Big Cute Pink Thing

    Well, here it is. After just a few minutes of thinking about it, here's what I came up with (designed with multiplayer in mind):

    4 Rishadan Cutpurse
    4 Rishadan Footpad
    3 Rishadan Brigand
    4 Wizard Mentor
    3 Glacial Wall
    4 Rhystic Study
    4 Rhystic Deluge
    4 Counterspell
    3 Slow Motion
    2 Capsize
    3 Overburden
    23 Islands

    The whole deck is designed to keep the opponents spending mana each turn, ensuring that they will lose permanents once my Pirates hit play. Rhystic Study allows me to draw extra cards and Rhystic Deluge allows me to tap down the creatures that make it into play. They also encourage my opponents to tap mana. The Overburdens help slow down my opponent by keeping them low on lands, which usually forces them to sacrifice other permanents to my Pirates.

    What do you guys think?
    (- Steve -)
  2. Lotus Mox New Member

    Isn't Propaganda much better than Slow Motion, or would that make you too much of a target? :)
  3. Jigglypuff Big Cute Pink Thing

    The problem with Propaganda is that it doesn't 'force' them (under my definition) to pay mana in the same way that Slow Motion does. With Slow Motion, they are 'forced' to pay mana because they lose a resource otherwise.

    (- Steve -)
  4. Lotus Mox New Member

    I think I remembered Slow Motion wrong, thought it had a Propaganda like effect.

    May I still suggest something more global like The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale or Pendrell Mists? :)
  5. Griffith_se Queen of the Sub-Optimal

    Umbilicus, maybe? <shrug>
  6. rkoelsch Angel Boy

    erratic Portal could probably fit in there also
  7. James Wizard Naive New Member

    I have tried a deck like this with limited success. I think the deck needs to be meaner, else after you cast your rather lightweight pirates and the opponents sacrifice their least important resources, they will stomp you since your kill is so slow.

    Jifflypuff: your comment about comparing slow Motion to Propaganda - how Propaganda does not "force" your opponents to spend mana to save resources, also applies to Rhystic Deluge. So while I agree with keeping Slow Motion over Propaganda, I think I would include Propaganda over Rhystic Deluge since there is no indication that you will have lots of available blue mana to out-spend your opponents.

    Lotus Mox: those global effects you recommend also affect the creatures in this deck too. If the Pirates and the Wizard Mentors are to be used, then the global creature effects must remain out - including Overburden. Of course, if you went creatureless . . . . .

    My suggestions, without considering too radical of changes, would be to replace 4 Rhystic Deluge with 4 Propaganda, and consider removing the Overburden. Maybe find a place for Energy Flux since you don't have any artefacts, and think about Curfew. Else go creatureless and load up on creature targeted mana drain like Overburden, Pendrell Mists, Slow Motion, Tabernacle, and Fade Away. Maybe Evacuation. But then your kill condition? Could be Iron Maiden.

    Fade Away
    2U, Sorcery, Exodus Common
    For each creature, that creature’s controller pays 1 or sacrifices a permanent.
  8. Captain Caveman New Member

    Mana Web?

    How about a U/R version with that Odyssey Block enchantment
    that destroys a land when a player tap a land for mana on
    another players turn. Can't think of the name. Thats not
    really helping you out with your deck list but maybe it might
    be ok for a different version.

  9. Sammy Dead-O wasting away again

    If you have 'em, it doesn't seem like it could hurt to have a couple Rishadan Ports in place of Islands. Y'know...somewhere for those Rishadanian sea dogs to hang out.
  10. Jigglypuff Big Cute Pink Thing

    Okay, so the deck bites it hardcore. Let's toss this one on the pile of ultra-bad decks that I have built, along with... oh, almost all of them. I have come to the conclusion that Rhystic Study is not a card that you can build a deck around. Oh well...

    (- Steve -)
  11. Sammy Dead-O wasting away again

    Ya tried, which is more than I can say.
  12. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Well, if the idea is to prevent your opponent's from paying the 1 so you can draw a card, you basically need mana denial. So going to casual mode, I'd suggest Winter Orb with either blue or green mana creatures, along with artifact mana. Maybe even get a bit crazy with that white spell that keeps five land per player in play. Or even crazier with Psychic Venoms... :)
  13. Mikeymike Captain Hiatus

    I think instant buyback spells are good with the Study, since it gets better the more you cast - reusable spells are always good. I especially like Mind Games with it. You can in essence tap 2 of their permanents each turn or 1 of your choice and draw. I played 1 game with it and Divert, and they worked well together, it seems to work much better with instants in general.

    Don't rely on Rhystic Study as a card drawer OR a land tapper, just consider it a royal pain in your opponent's butt, b/c that's what it is.
  14. rkoelsch Angel Boy

    I always thought there should be a deck built around Limited Resources(the white card Spidey mentioned) and Political Trickery and Thawing Glaciers or Undiscovered Paradise. Just couldn't make it work.
  15. BigBlue Magic Jones

    or that Blue guy which bounces lands 187-style.

    Can't recall his name. That could be a very nasty deck.

    I wish I had some Limited Resources. it is a truly evil MP card.

    Of course It might even make erosion useful... nah.

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