The Question Game!


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To make life a bit more exciting and interesting, I randomly thought of ths game.
What you do is answer the question from the post before, then ask your own question, so that the next person can answer..then ask their question.
So, your post starts with your answer and then has your question. Get it?
Allow me to demonstrate......


Yes, every day ;)

What's your favourite kind of cheese?


Brie, of course.

Do you pick your nose?


I wasn't going to tell anyone but, it's my favourite hobby.

Have you ever gone skinny dipping?


etc etc etc and it goes on and on and on.... until everyone's brain has definately run out of questions!!! Ask absolutely anything. It's fun, and very interesting.

So, the first question of The Question Game is:

"Do you prefer cake or pie?"

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We are devo.

Will Orrg's breachcloth explode now that his most wanted to know question has been asked?


Stylemongering Protodeity

Which one would win in a fight: A dragon or a cosmonaut? Keep in mind that the cosmonaut has commie lasers.


Pants Chancellor
The dragon because he can turn the lasers against the cosmonaut using his Persuasive Vision power.

What sort of exceptional coward are you, anyway?


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Passifistic, I don't look for fights, but will fight whenever the opportunity presents itself.


Nightstalker Lazarus

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Nothin...that's my man musk..just got done working out... :eek:

Crosis the Purger Vs. Nicol Bolas..who's the ULTIMATE Black/Red/Blue Dragon Legend!?!?!

....yea I know Bolas is an ELDER Legend Dragon but humor me aight!


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The dragon from the dragon/cosmonaut battle previously mentioned is superior to both.

How much do you hate the Romans?


The Wildcard!!!...
In a heart-beat!!!...

"Do you understand that if you don't vote for him, you'll have my six-shooter pointed directly at your noggin'?..."