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Discussion in 'CPA Voting Forum' started by Budget Player Cadet, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. Budget Player Cadet Where in the world is BPC

    Your votes for your most hated card! Mine is Goblin Mechanic, don't even ask why.
  2. Modus Pwnens Eligible for User Title

  3. Budget Player Cadet Where in the world is BPC

    Had to happen... Okay, let me explain...
    I was running an earlier version of my artifact deck, and it wasn't legal in any format. Its plan was to tinker out a Darksteel forge, followed by a platinum angel. Because nobody had swords or anything like that, that usually meant an automatic win. My friends all hated the deck (they still do, nobody wants to play against it) But for that, I needed three turns (I didn't have any moxes, sol ring, tolarian academy, etc.). If the mechanic hit play before I had two lands in play, a third in my hand plus a tinker, I lost. That was annoying, because he ran FOUR!!! mechanics and three vandals (the runner-up) maindeck! I almost quit magic out of frustration, I stole a tolarian academy and mox diamonds from his father... I know very well that I overreacted, but it was a hard time for me... He can't hold a candle to my current version, though (and i gave back the stuff I stole).
  4. Modus Pwnens Eligible for User Title

    I suppose my most hated card would be statis.. no explanation needed I think..
  5. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant


    Because he foiled your win in three turns, you hate the Mechanic? His most hated cards are probably the Forge and Tinker...
  6. Budget Player Cadet Where in the world is BPC

    I doubt it... He didn't play my deck that often... His most hated card was probably engineered plague.
    It wasn't that it stopped the strategy, it was that it drove me nuts! I was known as the best player at the school (until I realized that a legacy player was in 11th grade), and it hurt my pride. It basically killed me. I redesigned my artifact deck to work against the mechanic and goblin vandal, and for that reason, it stopped working against anything else... I almost stopped playing there.

    And Modus, you have my total... rats, how do you say beileid or mitleid in english? I've only been here a year and a half, and already my english is this bad? I'm in deep trouble.
  7. rokapoke Man Among Gods

    There's a difference between "best player" and "player who can copy the best tournament deck." Get a couple of booster packs and play limited if you really want to determine who's best.
  8. Modus Pwnens Eligible for User Title

    The correct phrase would be "I pity you" ;)

    Limited tests completely different skills then constructed, there's no easy comparison. In constructed there's always the challenge of breaking certain cards, or building rogue decks to fight the metagame. I remember an extended tourney (when extended was still everything from 6th edition onwards) where I did pretty well with my rogue pattern/rector combo deck :)
  9. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    Isn't "mitleid" mercy? Lemme check....

    Ah! It's "compassion". Essentially the same thing in the context I sing it in "Hab mitleid" while begging not to be destroyed........ as a birdcatcher..... singing Mozart....

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  10. Budget Player Cadet Where in the world is BPC

    Thanks, Ransac. Modus, I mean that you have my full compassion. I always got stomped by stasis, and planar chaos wasn't helpful (the kismet lock... without white!!) Wow, this article is getting off track. I actually wanted it to be like the most unused card, just instead of that, the cards that get use, but that everyone hates.
  11. DarthFerret Evil Sith Weasel

    My most hated card has and always will be: Tsunami.

    Come on...lets target the blue player!

    I think I have made quite a few people hate Stasis myself.

    In addition I know 4 other people whose most hated card is Shaharazzad (sp?) But that might have something to do with the fact that I dropped it in a 5 way Star Match <snicker>
  12. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    I just want to point out that Goblin Mechanic is not the name of a real Magic card and neither is Statis.
  13. turgy22 Nothing Special

    Thanks for the clarification, Oversoul. The typos in this conversation from 9 years ago had been bothering me for a while, but I kept forgetting to come back to comment on them. I'm glad someone's on top of this.

    As an aside, what is Goblin Mechanic referring to?
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  14. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    I suspect Goblin Tinkerer was the culprit, but unless BPC returns, we may never know for sure.
  15. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Yeah, it probably was, since he mentions his opponent also ran Vandals.
  16. Shabbaman insert avatar here

    That would be the day. I saw this thread and thought "hey look, more familiar people have shown up", but it was only a thread necromancer. Anway. Stasis is a good choice.

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