The Legends

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What do you think of these two legends?

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  1. Loafing Giant Big Dumb Lummox

    I have a couple........

    Judecca, the Dread Wizard
    Summon Reaper Legend
    Pay 5 Life-target opponent removes two cards in his hand from the game. This ability can only be used once each turn, and cannot be played next turn.

    4, Judecca's ability may be used this turn.


    Stewert, the Exploding Giant
    Summon Legendary Giant
    2, put an explosion counter on Stewert. this ability may be used no more than 3 times each turn.

    X,Tap,Sac., Stewert deals damage equal to twice the number of charge counters on him to all creatures and players. X is equal to the number of Charge counters on Stewert.


    What do you think?
  2. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I don't understand why Judecca has the second ability when the first says you can only use it once per turn and not the next. Is it supposed to break that rule?
  3. Jake74 King of Worthless Trivia

    Judecca - it looks like it is trying to get around the restriction... it may be easier to just make the cost 4 and 5 life, but that seems very high to me... how about 3 and 2 life? It's only two cards...

    Stewert looks ok, I'd make him a 3/6 but that's just me :D

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