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  1. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    Shahrazad + 2x Opalescence + Lifeline = Infinite games. :)
  2. nodnarb24 Supreme Overlord/The Rat King

    Tag Guard

    My poor poor rats caught in mouse traps. DIE OVERLORD MY RATS SHALL BE AVENGED!!!! I cast an apocalype, destroying everything.
  3. Jaws10387 Hiding

    I counterspell it.
  4. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    Try the combo I just posted in a tournament, if you don't like the guy that runs it. You'll play a BARE MINIMUM of three or four games for every one that you're supposed to play, unless one of you is near death. :)

    D'oh! Or at least, it WOULD work, if Shahrazad were an enchantment, and not a Sorcery. That's okay...just play four Shahrazad, four Relearn, and one Mystical Tutor, and watch the guy running the tournament cringe. :)

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  5. nodnarb24 Supreme Overlord/The Rat King

    Tag Guard

    I quash the counterspell
  6. Hawaiian mage CPA symbiod

    I play a Lotus Petel, then play that card that keeps people from playing cards during another players turn.

    Then I load my shot gun incase someone dissagrees that this card should be cast.
  7. Jaws10387 Hiding


    You have to say the name of the card. I Jagged lightning Nodnarb and Hawiian Mage.
  8. nodnarb24 Supreme Overlord/The Rat King

    Tag Guard

    I dissipate it. It's called City of Solitude.
  9. nodnarb24 Supreme Overlord/The Rat King

    Tag Guard

    I arcane denial the jagged lightning
  10. Fire Slinger Vetern CPA Member Pyromananic

    I'll Misdirect the Arcane Denial to the City of Solitide. We can't have that in play now, can we? :p

    After the Misdirection resolves (Because it WILL resolve), I cast Arcane Labartory.:p
  11. nodnarb24 Supreme Overlord/The Rat King

    Tag Guard

    I counter the arcane labatory with a rewind and i use Radiant's Judgement on jaws' shivan
  12. Hawaiian mage CPA symbiod

    Stupid Counter Spells! Oh well, I'll find a way...

    ...Rath's Edge, any one..?

    Time to die! Muaa ha ha ha! Who first, who first...
  13. Fire Slinger Vetern CPA Member Pyromananic

    First off, I'll let the Rewind resolve.

    Second, I Strip Mine the Rath's Edge.

    Third, I cast 3 Time Walks.:D
  14. Fire Slinger Vetern CPA Member Pyromananic

    1st Turn: Draw Land.:(
  15. Fire Slinger Vetern CPA Member Pyromananic

    2nd Turn: Draw a land :(:(
  16. Fire Slinger Vetern CPA Member Pyromananic

    3rd Turn: Land again :mad: This sucks.
  17. nodnarb24 Supreme Overlord/The Rat King

    Tag Guard

    Oh yah i cast time walk
  18. nodnarb24 Supreme Overlord/The Rat King

    Tag Guard

    Let's see if i do better than you...
    Draw... WTF it's a blank card... wait a second... now it's a serra avatar. I use a stream of life and gain 99999999999999999999 life and i put a rancor on the avatar. Now i attack jaws' with it.
  19. Fire Slinger Vetern CPA Member Pyromananic

    In response to you casting the Rancor, I'll bounce the Avatar. Then when you try to cast the Serra Avatar again, I'll counter it.

    See, Blue has ALL the answers. :D
  20. Hawaiian mage CPA symbiod

    Well this isn't getting any where, so screw the rules. I cast all of the following:

    Barrin's Codex
    Chimeric Staff
    Citanul Flute
    Claws of Gix
    Copper Gnomes
    Crystal Chimes
    Dragon Blood
    Grafted Skullcap
    Hopping Automation
    Karn, Silver Golem
    Lotus Blossom
    Mishra's Helix
    Mobile Fort
    Noetic Scales
    Phyrexian Colossus
    Phyrexian Processor
    Pit Trap
    Purging Scythe
    Temporal Aperture
    Thran Turbine
    Urza's Armor
    Voltaic Key
    Wall of Junk
    Worn Powerstone
    Abyssal Horror
    Blood Vassal
    Bog Raiders
    Breach Instant
    Cackling Fiend
    Carrion Beetles
    Corrupt Sorcery
    Crazed Skirge
    Dark Hatchling
    Dark Ritual
    Darkest Hour
    Despondency Enchant
    Diabolic Servitude
    Discordant Dirge
    Duress Sorcery
    Eastern Paladin Creature
    Exhume Sorcery Carl
    Expunge Instant Christopher
    Flesh Reaver Creature —
    Hollow Dogs Creature —
    Ill-Gotten Gains Sorcery
    Looming Shade Creature —
    Lurking Evil Enchantment
    Mana Leech Creature — Worm
    No Rest for the Wicked
    Oppression Enchantment
    Order of Yawgmoth Creature
    Parasitic Bond Enchant
    Persecute Sorcery D.
    Pestilence Sorcery D.
    Phyrexian Ghoul Creature —
    Planar Void Enchantment Andrew
    Priest of Gix Creature —
    Rain of Filth Instant Stephen
    Ravenous Skirge Creature — Imp Ron
    Reclusive Wight Creature —
    Reprocess Sorcery Mark
    Sanguine Guard Creature — Knight
    Sicken Enchant Creature
    Skirge Familiar Creature — Imp Ron
    Skittering Skirge Creature — Imp Ron
    Sleeper Agent Creature — Minion Randy
    Spined Fluke Creature — Horror
    Tainted Æther Enchantment
    Unnerve Sorcery Terese
    Unworthy Dead Creature — Skeleton
    Vampiric Embrace Enchant Creature
    Vebuild Creature — Horror Ron Spencer Rare
    Victimize Sorcery Val Mayerik
    Vile Requiem Enchantment Carl Critchlow Uncommon
    Western Paladin Creature — Knight Carl Critchlow Rare
    Witch Engine Creature — Horror Kev Walker Rare
    Yawgmoth's Edict Enchantment Scott Kirschner Uncommon
    Yawgmoth's Will Sorcery Ron Spencer Rare
    Academy Researchers Creature — Wizard Stephen Daniele Uncommon
    Annul Instant Greg Simanson Common
    Arcane Laboratory Enchantment Stephen Daniele Uncommon
    Attunement Enchantment Randy Gallegos Rare
    Back to Basics Enchantment Andrew Robinson Rare
    Barrin, Master Wizard Creature — Wizard Legend Michael Sutfin Rare
    Catalog Instant Berry Common
    Cloak of Mists Enchant Creature John Matson Common
    Confiscate Enchant Permanent Adam Rex Uncommon
    Coral Merfolk Creature — Merfolk rk post Common
    Curfew Instant Randy Gallegos Common
    Disruptive Student Creature — Wizard Randy Gallegos Common
    Douse Enchantment Val Mayerik Uncommon
    Drifting Djinn Creature — Djinn Carl Critchlow Rare
    Enchantment Alteration Instant D. Alexander Gregory Uncommon
    Energy Field Enchantment John Matson Rare
    Exhaustion Sorcery Paolo Parente Uncommon
    Fog Bank Creature — Wall Scott Kirschner Uncommon
    Gilded Drake Creature — Drake Bog Eggleton Rare
    Great Whale Creature — Whale Bog Eggleton Rare
    Hermetic Study Enchant Creature Ron Spencer Common
    Hibernation Instant Scott Kirschner Uncommon
    Horseshoe Crab Creature — Crab Scott Kirschner Common
    Imaginary Pet Creature — Illusion Heather Hudson Rare
    Launch Enchant Creature Val Mayerik Common
    Lilting Refrain Enchantment Berry Uncommon
    Lingering Mirage Enchant Land Jerry Tiritilli Uncommon
    Morphling Creature — Shapeshifter rk post Rare
    Pendrell Drake Creature — Drake Jeff Miracola Common
    Pendrell Flux Enchant Creature Andrew Robinson Common
    Peregrine Drake Creature — Drake Bob Eggleton Uncommon
    Power Sink Instant Andrew Robinson Common
    Power Taint Enchant Enchantment Brian Snöddy Common
    Recantation Enchantment Greg Simanson Rare
    Rescind Instant Adam Rex Common
    Rewind Instant Dermot Power Common
    Sandbar Merfolk Creature — Merfolk rk post Common
    Sandbar Serpent Creature — Serpent Jim Nelson Uncommon
    Show and Tell Sorcery Jeff Laubenstein Rare
    Somnophore Creature — Illusion Andrew Robinson Rare
    Spire Owl Creature — Bird Steve Firchow Common
    Stern Proctor Creature — Wizard Randy Gallegos Uncommon
    Stroke of Genius Instant Stephen Daniele Rare
    Sunder Instant Stephen Daniele Rare
    Telepathy Enchantment Matthew Wilson Uncommon
    Time Spiral Sorcery Michael Sutfin Rare
    Tolarian Winds Instant Lawrence Snelly Common
    Turnabout Instant Heather Hudson Uncommon
    Veil of Birds Enchantment Heather Hudson Common
    Veiled Apparition Enchantment Andrew Robinson Uncommon
    Veiled Crocodile Enchantment Paolo Parente Rare
    Veiled Sentry Enchantment Ron Spears Uncommon
    Veiled Serpent Enchantment Bob Eggleton Common
    Windfall Sorcery Pete Venters Uncommon
    Wizard Mentor Creature — Wizard Jeff Miracola Common
    Zephid Creature — Illusion Daren Bader Rare
    Zephid's Embrace Enchant Creature Daren Bader Uncommon
    Abundance Enchantment Rebecca Guay Rare
    Acridian Creature — Insect rk post Common
    Albino Troll Creature — Troll Paolo Parente Uncommon
    Anaconda Creature — Snake Stephen Daniele Uncommon
    Argothian Elder Creature — Elf DiTerlizzi Uncommon
    Argothian Enchantress Creature — Enchantress Daren Bader Rare
    Argothian Swine Creature — Boar Randy Elliott Common
    Argothian Wurm Creature — Wurm Kev Walker Rare
    Blanchwood Armor Enchant Creature Paolo Parente Uncommon
    Blanchwood Treefolk Creature — Treefolk DiTerlizzi Common
    Bull Hippo Creature — Hippo Daren Bader Uncommon
    Carpet of Flowers Enchantment Rebecca Guay Uncommon
    Cave Tiger Creature — Cat Hannibal King Common
    Child of Gaea Creature — Elemental Paolo Parente Rare
    Citanul Centaurs Creature — Centaur Val Mayerik Rare
    Citanul Hierophants Creature — Druid Vincent Evans Rare
    Cradle Guard Creature — Treefolk Mark Zug Uncommon
    Crosswinds Enchantment Randy Elliott Uncommon
    Elvish Herder Creature — Elf Tom Fleming Common
    Elvish Lyrist Creature — Elf Rebecca Guay Common
    Endless Wurm Creature — Wurm DiTerlizzi Rare
    Exploration Enchantment Brian Snöddy Rare
    Fecundity Enchantment Rebecca Guay Uncommon
    Fertile Ground Enchant Land Heather Hudson Common
    Fortitude Enchant Creature Daren Bader Common
    Gaea's Bounty Sorcery Stephen Daniele Common
    Gaea's Embrace Enchant Creature Paolo Parente Uncommon
    Gorilla Warrior Creature — Ape Steve White Common
    Greater Good Enchantment Pete Venters Rare
    Greener Pastures Enchantment Heather Hudson Rare
    Hawkeater Moth Creature — Insect Heather Hudson Uncommon
    Hidden Ancients Enchantment Daren Bader Uncommon
    Hidden Guerrillas Enchantment Christopher Moeller Uncommon
    Hidden Herd Enchantment Andrew Robinson Rare
    Hidden Predators Enchantment John Matson Rare
    Hidden Spider Enchantment Thomas M. Baxa Common
    Hidden Stag Enchantment Berry Rare
    Hush Sorcery Rebecca Guay Common
    Lull Instant Terese Nielsen Common
    Midsummer Revel Enchantment Steve Firchow Rare
    Pouncing Jaguar Creature — Cat Daren Bader Common
    Priest of Titania Creature — Elf Rebecca Guay Common
    Rejuvenate Sorcery Greg Simanson Common
    Retaliation Enchantment Tom Fleming Uncommon
    Sporogenesis Enchantment Ron Spencer Rare
    Spreading Algae Enchant Land Stephen Daniele Uncommon
    Symbiosis Instant Jeff Miracola Common
    Titania's Boon Sorcery Val Mayerik Uncommon
    Titania's Chosen Creature — Elf Mark Zug Uncommon
    Treefolk Seedlings Creature — Treefolk John Matson Uncommon
    Treetop Rangers Creature — Elf Daren Bader Common
    Venomous Fangs Enchant Creature Lawrence Snelly Common
    Vernal Bloom Enchantment Bob Eggleton Rare
    War Dance Enchantment Terese Nielsen Uncommon
    Whirlwind Sorcery John Matson Rare
    Wild Dogs Creature — Hound Terese Nielsen Common
    Winding Wurm Creature — Wurm DiTerlizzi Common
    Acidic Soil Sorcery Scott M. Fischer Uncommon
    Antagonism Enchantment Donato Giancola Rare
    Arc Lightning Sorcery Andrew Goldhawk Common
    Bedlam Enchantment Mike Raabe Rare
    Brand Instant Donato Giancola Rare
    Bravado Enchant Creature Jerry Tiritilli Common
    Bulwark Enchantment Brian Snöddy Rare
    Crater Hellion Creature — Beast Daren Bader Rare
    Destructive Urge Enchant Creature Andrew Robinson Uncommon
    Disorder Sorcery Terese Nielsen Uncommon
    Dromosaur Creature — Lizard Ciruelo Common
    Electryte Creature — Beast Thomas M. Baxa Rare
    Falter Instant Mike Raabe Common
    Fault Line Instant Ron Spencer Rare
    Fiery Mantle Enchant Creature Bob Eggleton Common
    Fire Ants Creature — Insect Tom Fleming Uncommon
    Gamble Sorcery Andrew Goldhawk Rare
    Goblin Cadets Creature — Goblin Jerry Tiritilli Uncommon
    Goblin Lackey Creature — Goblin Jerry Tiritilli Uncommon
    Goblin Matron Creature — Goblin DiTerlizzi Common
    Goblin Offensive Sorcery Carl Critchlow Uncommon
    Goblin Patrol Creature — Goblin Greg Staples Common
    Goblin Raider Creature — Goblin Greg Staples Common
    Goblin Spelunkers Creature — Goblin DiTerlizzi Common
    Goblin War Buggy Creature — Goblin DiTerlizzi Common
    Guma Creature — Cat Daren Bader Uncommon
    Headlong Rush Instant Dermot Power Common
    Heat Ray Instant Brian Snöddy Common
    Jagged Lightning Sorcery Mike Raabe Uncommon
    Lay Waste Sorcery Terese Nielsen Common
    Lightning Dragon Creature — Dragon Ron Spencer Rare
    Meltdown Sorcery Donato Giancola Uncommon
    Okk Creature — Goblin Mike Raabe Rare
    Outmaneuver Instant Greg Staples Uncommon
    Rain of Salt Sorcery Adam Rex Uncommon
    Raze Sorcery Mike Raabe Common
    Reflexes Enchant Creature Steve White Common
    Retromancer Creature — Viashino Robh Ruppel Common
    Rumbling Crescendo Enchantment Lawrence Snelly Rare
    Scald Enchantment Adam Rex Uncommon
    Scoria Wurm Creature — Wurm Steve Firchow Rare
    Scrap Instant Donato Giancola Commom
    Shivan Hellkite Creature — Dragon Bob Eggleton Rare
    Shivan Raptor Creature — Lizard Bob Eggleton Uncommon
    Shiv's Embrace Enchant Creature Bob Eggleton Uncommon
    Shower of Sparks Instant Christopher Moeller Common
    Sneak Attack Enchantment Jerry Tiritilli Rare
    Steam Blast Sorcery Mike Raabe Uncommon
    Sulfuric Vapors Enchantment Lawrence Snelly Rare
    Thundering Giant Creature — Giant Mark Zug Uncommon
    Torch Song Enchantment Thomas M. Baxa Uncommon
    Viashino Outrider Creature — Viashino Ciruelo Common
    Viashino Runner Creature — Viashino Steve White Common
    Viashino Sandswimmer Creature — Viashino Pete Venters Rare
    Viashino Weaponsmith Creature — Viashino Dermot Power Common
    Vug Lizard Creature — Lizard Heather Hudson Uncommon
    Wildfire Sorcery Carl Critchlow Rare
    Absolute Grace Enchantment Jeff Miracola Uncommon
    Absolute Law Enchantment Mark Zug Uncommon
    Angelic Chorus Enchantment Ron Spencer Rare
    Angelic Page Creature — Spirit Rebecca Guay Common
    Brilliant Halo Enchant Creature Randy Gallegos Common
    Catastrophe Sorcery Andrew Robinson Rare
    Clear Instant Andrew Robinson Uncommon
    Congregate Instant Mark Zug Common
    Defensive Formation Enchantment Greg Staples Uncommon
    Disciple of Grace Creature — Cleric Robh Ruppel Common
    Disciple of Law Creature — Cleric Matthew Wilson Common
    Disenchant Instant Donato Giancola Common
    Elite Archers Creature — Soldier Greg Staples Rare
    Faith Healer Creature — Cleric Randy Gallegos Rare
    Glorious Anthem Enchantment Kev Walker Rare
    Healing Salve Instant Val Mayerik Uncommon
    Herald of Serra Creature — Angel Matthew Wilson Rare
    Humble Instant Val Mayerik Uncommon
    Intrepid Hero Creature — Soldier Brian Snöddy Rare
    Monk Idealist Creature — Cleric Daren Bader Uncommon
    Monk Realist Creature — Cleric Daren Bader Common
    Opal Acrolith Enchantment Robh Ruppel Uncommon
    Opal Archangel Enchantment Jeff Miracola Rare
    Opal Caryatid Enchantment Berry Common
    Opal Gargoyle Enchantment Kev Walker Common
    Opal Titan Enchantment Paolo Parente Rare
    Pacifism Enchant Creature Randy Gallegos Common
    Pariah Enchant Creature Jon J. Muth Rare
    Path of Peace Sorcery Val Mayerik Common
    Pegasus Charger Creature — Pegasus Val Mayerik Common
    Planar Birth Sorcery Adam Rex Rare
    Presence of the Master Enchantment Ciruelo Uncommon
    Redeem Instant D. Alexander Gregory Uncommon
    Remembrance Enchantment Val Mayerik Rare
    Rune of Protection: Artifacts Enchantment Scott M. Fischer Uncommon
    Rune of Protection: Black Enchantment Scott M. Fischer Common
    Rune of Protection: Blue Enchantment Scott M. Fischer Common
    Rune of Protection: Green Enchantment Scott M. Fischer Common
    Rune of Protection: Lands Enchantment Scott M. Fischer Rare
    Rune of Protection: Red Enchantment Scott M. Fischer Common
    Rune of Protection: White Enchantment Scott M. Fischer Common
    Sanctum Custodian Creature — Cleric Paolo Parente Common
    Sanctum Guardian Creature — Soldier Donato Giancola Uncommon
    Seasoned Marshal Creature — Soldier Matthew Wilson Uncommon
    Serra Avatar Creature — Avatar Dermot Power Rare
    Serra Zealot Creature — Soldier DiTerlizzi Common
    Serra's Embrace Enchant Creature Terese Nielsen Uncommon
    Serra's Hymn Enchantment Rebecca Guay Uncommon
    Serra's Liturgy Enchantment rk post Rare
    Shimmering Barrier Creature — Wall D. Alexander Gregory Uncommon
    Silent Attendant Creature — Cleric Rebecca Guay Common
    Songstitcher Creature — Cleric Berry Uncommon
    Soul Sculptor Creature — Townsfolk Ciruelo Rare
    Voice of Grace Creature — Angel Jeff Miracola Uncommon
    Voice of Law Creature — Angel Mark Zug Uncommon
    Waylay Instant Greg Staples Uncommon
    Worship Enchantment Mark Zug Rare
    Blasted Landscape Land Ciruelo Uncommon
    Drifting Meadow Land Bob Eggleton Common
    Forest Land Anthony S. Waters Land
    Gaea's Cradle Legendary Land Mark Zug Rare
    Island Land Donato Giancola Land
    Mountain Land John Avon Land
    Phyrexian Tower Legendary Land Chippy Rare
    Plains Land Rob Alexander Land
    Polluted Mire Land
    Remote Isle
    Serra's Sanctum
    Shivan Gorge
    Slippery Karst
    Smoldering Crater
    Thran Quarry
    Tolarian Academy

    Ha! Let's see you counter all of that!

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