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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by dw51688, Nov 22, 2000.

  1. dw51688 The Mad Scientist

    Here you can criticize movies!

    Name of movie

    How many thumbs up



    9 thumbs up (?)

    I loved it. Best movie ever. My all time fav. Cool! Awesome! Major! Suspense romance and drama. Great acting.

    "The stigmata are the five wounds of Christ"
  2. K9Archmage He Might Be Giants

    Star Wars
    infinite thumbs up

  3. dw51688 The Mad Scientist

  4. Hetemti The Wide-Awake Nightmare

    Army of Darkness


    Is there any better flick featuring skeleton puppets, Bruce Campbell, and devilish Lillputians? I think not.
  5. DÛke Memento Mori one of my favorite movies. It's really weird, and that's why I like it.
  6. Bob Idiot

    The Green Mile
    Awesome movie.
    Criminals? Miracle proforming africans? The Chair? An awesome mouse? Violence, suspense, and a bit of horror?
    What more could you want?
    ps. DIE PERCY DIE!!!!!(If anyone is named percy, no offense. Percy is a bad guy in the Green Mile who is a jack@$$)
  7. Bob Idiot

    "Looks like his cheese slipped off his cracker"
    -Officer Bruno
  8. arachiron New Member

    Stigmata was okay but nothing outstanding. I think "scary movies" are funny--especially the religious references. Statues crying. Hah! My parents at one time made me go to a Catholic school even though I'm somewhat of an antheist. We saw the statue of Mary crying (it looked like watery rust), and there was a big commotion about it. These people will believe anything...

    I'll have to go with Monty Python's History of the World Part I. Or Gattacca.
  9. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Are you sure it's Monty Python's History of the World Part I and not Mel Brooks' History of the World Part I?
  10. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    It's Mel Brooks'

    the plot was old, the tricks were dull, the soundtrack was decent......

    High Fidelity
    Easily the best movie this year. Funny, intelligent, cynical, and interesting. oh, and the soundtrack was ten times that of stigmata.
  11. Riva Iron-Grip da Kandy Man

    Thirteenth Warrior
    20.5 (hehe or is it only 10)
    Awesome movie. truly captures the norwegian way of life, and quests. i am a descendant of vikings. leif erickson being one of them.

    Green mile
    awesome. need i say more?

    Phantom menace
    i am a sw freak. but episode 1 sucked. barely any storyline, and they messed up on the characters. first obi-wan was from tatooine, and in the movie he acts like he's never seen it. there is some other stuff but that's not worth mentioning.

    excellent movie. special effects were great, and the story is quite believable.
  12. Aku Necromancer Headlights off

    I agree with Hetemti, Army of Darkness was an amazing movie
  13. Bob Idiot

    Awesome movie.
    The best action movie I ever saw.

    The Nutty Professor

    Austin Powers
    Two words:Yeah Baby!

    The Spy who shagged me
    Not as good as the origional, but still Shagadelic!

    10=best movie in the world
    9.5 The best movies
    8.5 Great Movies
    7.5 Cool Movies
    6.5 Nice Movies
    5 Okay Movies
    4.5 Lame Movies
    3.5 Bad movies
    2.5 Stupid Movies
    1.5 Idiotioc Movies
    0 Waste of Money, barely a movie...

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  14. Darsh Corrupt CPA Member

    Monty Python: The Holy Grail
    And there was much rejoicing (yay)

    The James Bond series
    Bond, James Bond

    Men In Black
    Here come the men in black(men in black)

    Magic the Gathering: Starter Video Guide (not really a movie)
    1.5(can't get a zero because I didn't buy it for the movie)
    "So I turn this little thingy sideways?"
  15. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    They actually HAVE one?
  16. Darsh Corrupt CPA Member

    I got it in the Starter Gift Box, but now I think they use a CD instead, I watch it whenever I want a good laugh.:)
  17. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    Wow, I gotta buy me one of those!
  18. Darsh Corrupt CPA Member

    Here's what it has on the back of the movie.

    Removing the Magic: The Gathering-Starter video from this case is like opening Pandora's box: unimaginable monsters with razor-sharp teeth and really bad breath are dying to escape. This video shows you how to summon them at will-and unleash them on your friends. So...ready to deface the enemy?

    This instructional video takes you deep into the Magic: The Gathering universe, teaching you step by step how to play the world's most popular trading card game. It's packed with all the tips and strategies you need for a fast start.

    And the movie is even cheesier.
  19. SwingMage New Member

    High Fidelity
    Funny and a good movie overall. The 2 store clerks were great. Some downers though, it was aimed at the "older" generation, in terms of music, of which I am not. Nothing really spectacular about the plot. Good acting, etc. Sonic Death Monkeys, need we say more?

    Shanghai Noon
    Funny in some parts. Some of Jackie's stunts looked fake, and probably were. Not nearly as much finesse and stunts in this as in other Jackie flicks. That Wilson guy, his sidekick, was kinda kinda bad too.
  20. dw51688 The Mad Scientist



    Very slow beginning, got much better. (Prostate cancer)

    "Was your wife pleased?"
    "We know people too! Wan' us to tell everyone how you pissed in yo' pants like a lil' girl?"
    "You piss on me? (pulls out a firefighter hose)"

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