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  1. Jigglypuff Big Cute Pink Thing

    Okay, I've got a lot of questions concerning Tempest block through Invasion block.

    Tempest Block

    Gerrard, Hanna, Orim, Tahngarth, Karn, Ertai, Mirri, Squee, Starke, and Crovax fly into Rath on the Weatherlight. They do some stuff and go to the stronghold. They get Sisay back, Starke gets his eyes slashed, Crovax turns into a vampire, Crovax and Mirri fall off the ship in the Gardens, Ertai is left behind.

    So we've got Gerrard, Hanna, Orim, Tahngarth, Karn, Squee, Starke escaping Rath through the portal. Did I forget anyone or put someone who isn't supposed to be there? Where did they go on the other side of the portal? I assume they ended up in Mercadia, to set the scene for...

    Mercadian Block

    How did Squee go from simple cabin boy, to Goblin Nabob, to killed a hundred times a day?

    And how did Crovax become the new evincar? Is Volrath dead? If so, who killed him and how?

    What happened to Ertai? When did he become corrupted? Is he dead? If so, who killed him and how?

    Why exactly do we care about Mercadia? With the Phyrexian invasion coming up, why did we waste three sets here? And where do Gerrard and crew end up in...

    Invasion block

    Are Hanna, Orim, Tahngarth, Starke, Sisay dead? If so, who killed them and how?

    Why exactly did Urza return and where was he while the crew was in Rath and then Mercadia?

    What was our intrepid crew doing while Phyrexia was kicking butt in Dominaria?

    Did Gerrard and Urza die in the Arena?

    What happened to Karn and the Legacy?

    After Apocalypse, is Dominaria just some lifeless hunk of rock or did people survive the invasion?

    Odyssey block

    Is the story of Odyssey connected to the previous story or is it like, "Well, Dominaria's just a big hunk of rock now so let's go somewhere else for a new story."?

    (- Steve -)
  2. Multani Treetrunk Guy

    I'll try to answer as many of your questions as I can:

    Out of all those, only Hanna and Starke are dead. Hanna died of a Phyrexian plague early in Invasion. Starke died, I think trying to save his daughter, who ended up being a shape-shifter or something like that (Not really sure. Just know that he's dead and Volrath had something to do with it.).

    Not sure what you mean by the first part, but while the Weatherlight was in Rath and Mercadia, I assume Urza was finalizing the Legacy and Dominaria's defense.

    Well, they were kicking Phyrexian butt, and basically trying to save the day, not to mention that they were Urza's pawns. Lots of battles. Oh, did I mention, Gerrard turns evil for awhile in between.

    No. Urza's the only one that comes close to dying, but as long as his head remains, he lives. Both don't really die at all, and I'll explain later.

    With the exception of Karn, the Legacy gets destroyed. Not to spoil Apocalypse but remember that most of the Legact was on the Weatherlight, which was part of the legacy herself. Well, let's just say that she gets creamed trying to take out Yawgmoth. Yeah. You have to read the book to understand. It's really confusing. Oh, and read The Thran as well, or otherwise, you won't know about Rebec, and Gaea. Karn...well this is gonna be weird, but Karn, Urza, and Gerrard all get fused into one being and he's a planeswalker. He still goes by the name of Karn, but he's a mix of all three people.

    Oh yeah. Alot of people did. Sisay, Tahngarth, Squee, and Orim. And a few of the planeswalkers survived as well...Freyalise, and Lord Wingrace.

    As far as I know, Odyssey has little connection to the previous story other than that it takes place on Dominaria at least a century after Apocalypse.

    Hope that helps!
  3. Elrond Veteran CPA Lurker

    Here's what I can add to Multani's explanation, hopefully I didn't spoil too much for you.

    That's correct, except for the fact that Starke's daughter, Takara, is actually Volrath, who happens to be a shape-shifter.

    The reason that Squee became the Goblin Nabob is that on Mercadia the goblins are the highest level officials, due to part of the story of The Thran which you should read it's quite good, and the goblins there decided to promote him because he's a goblin. The part of where he's able to be killed a hundred times a day is never really explained in full, he just can. Some people believe that Yawgmoth did it to him, and others think it might have something to do with Squee's Toy, but I really don't know why it happened.

    Crovax became evincar after the Phyrexians got a hold of him and augmented him, his ascension also involved a major power struggle between him, Volrath, and Ertai who was backed by Belbe the Phyrexian Ambassador, also somewhere in there Greven was considered but he declined becaused he liked being a General. Volrath is dead, and he was killed by Crovax, after Ertai sided with him in the power struggle, by bending Volrath's flowstone sword at a critical point in their fight. After his defeat Volrath was stripped of his Phyrexian augmentation and executed.

    Ertai was left behind in Rath when the Weatherlight escaped through the Erratic Portal Ertai had opened. When he was found by Greven, he was taken to the Stronghold where he met up with Belbe, and discovered that he could manipulate the flowstone, a feat thought only open to evincars. Sometime during his stay at the Stronghold he gets hurt and put into a rejuvination chamber, which slowly corrupts him, as evidenced by the tiny flames he conjures as meditation slowly becoming black. After that he aids Crovax as mentioned above, and as a "reward" for his assitance Crovax gets the Phyrexians to augment him, and turns him into his corrupted form seen in Planeshift. He was killed by Squee, when Squee accidentally screwed up one of his rejuvination treatments.

    And to add some stuff to the aftermath of the Invasion, it is now being revealed that more people survived then originally believed. For instance, Balthor was actually alive during the time of the Invasion, as is Kamahl’s grandfather, Matoc.

    Hope that helped.

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