"tech" from alixandre Blumke, first M;tg champ

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  1. galtwish Loudmouth

    Now this is a highly original and innovative design. Here would be my version:

    2 Worldly Tutor
    4 BoP
    4 Llanowar
    4 Priest
    2 River Boa
    4 Cutter
    4 Dryad
    4 Rancor
    4 Seal of Strength
    4 Smokestack
    2 Tangle Wire
    4 Land Grant
    2 Crop Rotation
    2 Treetop Village
    4 Cradle
    10 Forest

    4 Fallow Earth
    4 Rishadan Port
    4 Invigorate
    3 Reverent Silence

    Now if only it beatdown...

    In MBC, here is a similar deck I have been thinking about:
    4 Ritual
    4 Vine Trellis
    4 Skyshroud Claim
    4 Monkey Cage
    4 Vine Dryad
    4 Skyshroud Cutter
    2 Deleraich
    4 Snuff Out
    4 Blastoderm
    2 Spidersilk Armor/Dark Triumph/Stampede
    4 Hickory Woodlot
    9 Forest
    11 Swamp

    Different, but similar. In the T2 version, I think your biggest trouble will come from Ponza, hence the Invigorates and Ports in the SB to up your creatures toughness and your land count, respectively. you may really be on to something. Free creature are free creatures after all. Seal of Strength and Tangle Wire can also be targetted for destruction and used/faded away, and help keep the creatures/tie up resources even better. Thanks for the great post!

  2. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

  3. Griffith_se Guest

    <BoP=Birds of Paradise>

    OK, I my be over my head here, but what do you think about Storm Caldron?

    Dumb, or not dumb?


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  4. Apollo Bird Boy

    I think you're asking what BoP means. If so, it's Birds of Paradise. If that isn't what you were asking, then just ignore me.
  5. theorgg Slob

    I'm on the Meridian onelist thing, and this great and casual seeming deck came through the pipes from the first pro-tour champ:

    A few days ago, Raph Gennari came by to borrow a few cards for PT NY, and
    he proposed that we draft and test type II at his return... I said sure,
    sure, and wished him good luck.

    To tell the truth, it was the kind of acceptance that was more a refusal.
    Since PT London, I didn't have anything to do with competitive Magic at
    all anymore, except for 1 team tournament in which I participated only
    because I replaced somebody who couldn't make it.

    After he'd left, I looked through my Masques/Nemesis cards though, just
    to see what kind of decks Raph would meet in NY. And I saw that green had
    now 2 new creatures for 0 mana.

    They used to make Kobolds for 0 mana. Now there are 2/2s and 1/3s. Hm.

    These creatures actually gave me a deck idea. I didn't even want to have
    this idea, but it seemed cool enough for me to try it out.

    This is what I thought of...

    Free Prison Green

    Land mana: 19

    11 Forest
    4 Gaea's Cradle
    4 Land Grant

    Creature mana: 24 (if Cradle; if none, 12 or 16 if Priest)

    4 Skyshroud Cutter (0)
    4 Vine Dryad (0)
    4 Birds of Paradise (1)
    4 Llanowar Elves (1)
    4 Elvish Lyrist (1)
    4 Priest of Titania (2)

    Prison: 5

    4 Smokestack (4)
    1 Mishra's Helix (5)

    Other business cards: 10

    4 Rancor (1 - the obvious Smokestack friend)
    2 Skyshroud Poachers (4)
    4 Deranged Hermit (5)


    This deck has 2 goals: 1) have 4 mana available on the 2nd turn, and 2)
    do something nasty with this mana. Goal 1 is reached often enough like

    First turn mana creature (Elf or Bird) and free creature (Dryad or
    Cutter); 2nd turn Cradle.

    Without Cradle, you need the third turn, but then you should have 5 mana
    if you have a Priest. Goal 2 is reached either with the prison elements
    or with a Squirrel invasion (which goes much faster than rebels!).

    This deck is great to goldfish with, since you drop two thirds of your
    hand by the second turn. Even without Rancor, Smokestack is good, since
    every card you draw gives you a permanent (or more than one). And the
    good thing with the free creatures is that you can drop a Cradle on the
    1st turn and still have mana from it (well, only with the Dryad, since
    you need a Forest for the Cutter - that's why I actually thought about
    replacing the Cutter with... Ornithopter! On which the quote should be,
    btw: "Ridicule never killed anyone")...

    Of course the drawback of the Skyshroud Cutter (opponents gain 5 life) is
    a little harsh when you are playing beatdown, which usually is the case
    with green... But it's like Swords to Plowshares: do you care if your
    opponent gains life when you play a control deck?

    Green usually had fast mana. But since a few expansions, this mana wasn't
    fast enough to compete with other decks, so that mono green was just the
    beatdown color. Maybe Free Prison Green's *superfast* mana can make
    another strategy viable...

    This deck is utterly untested though. Just an idea and a little
    goldfishing. Maybe some of my card choices aren't optimal. And I can
    already think of a zillion cards which would slaughter this deck
    (Earthquake, Cave-in...).

    But maybe I'll have one standard idea to give to Raph after all.

    Alexander Blumke

    "Existence is an exploration from which no one ever comes back alive."
    (well at least not with memories)


    This deck looks pretty damn fun to me, and mabe we can pick out some "tech and kick some ass with it in some casual games!

    and the Cutter's art kicks ass, too...
  6. Dune Echo CPA Founder, Idea Man

    Finally, someone else realizes the inherent beauty of Skyshroud Cutter! I've been saying all along that this card is good! In a 9 Land Green deck, this thing just rocks!
  7. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman


    You do the memory of the dearly departed Wakefield, as well as me, proud. I have maintained that green control is viable for many years now.

    BTW: my brother claims to have broken skyshroud cutter. Some people you just can't help. He's playing it in a white/green beatdown deck...
  8. The Magic Jackal Veteran CPA Member<BR><font co

    mokey cage + cutter= 5 2/2s
  9. theorgg Slob


    duel, this wasn't from me.

    It was from a VERY big pro.

    I jsut cut-and=pasted it to here.

    I guess I should've "quote" "/qoute" ed it...
  10. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    theorgg: You know, I just caught this, but wasn't the first pro-tour champ Michael Loconto? Alexander Blumke was a WORLD champion I believe but also not the first (Zak Dolan). Gotta love that trivia...
  11. Dune Echo CPA Founder, Idea Man

    Nope, I claim to have broken Skyshroud Cutter first! It's MY discovery! :) Nah, I think a lot of people really overlooked this card. It's extremely strong. Heck, second turn if you have more than one creature out, and a Giant Growth in hand, you've negated it's free drawback. However, I would side these out against a Necro or Bargain deck.
  12. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    Dune, remember that "if". I won 3 games on a skyshroud cutter my opponent played. I was a 4, and 5, and 3.
  13. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    Skyshroud cutter has kick ass art therefore it must be useable.
    End conversation

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