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    I sent in the next installment of M94 on Friday, but I think my laziness caused it to come in well after Spidey did the updates. Anyway, I wanted to share a sneak peak of the next installment of M94, for anybody who's interested.


    From: Episode 11: Killing Time

    "Look at that large tombstone there, Junkyard," Button ordered, his body robed in a new doll cloak while he sat on my shoulder. "What is there?"

    "Emma Clark and her husband Bob are buried there. They both died in 1996," I answered.

    "So you can read the tombstone." The little mouse folded his arms in discontent. "No, I mean use your powers to see what's in there."

    "Hmm." I couldn't see the forms with my eyes exactly, but somehow I could see two skeletons laying under the dirt, with multitudes of skeletons and zombies all around the place. I gasped in realization.

    "Don't get too excited or scared. I want to you look further. What's there?"

    "I-I see just Emma and Bob here. Is there supposed to be something--" I saw two spirits, but they weren't with the skeletons. "White magic. I see two bodies of white magic..."


    "In...the...t-tombstone? But, how?"

    "Their spirits are where they belong," answered Button rather puzzlingly. "Think about it, when people come to visit their relatives, what do they talk to and have emotions about? Certainly not the plot of dirt. They have feeling for the tombstone, and talk to it. Hence, that's where the spirits are." It all made sense when he explained it through his weird mouse logic.

    "So, two skeletons in the ground, and two spirits in the stone. I can't see anything else. Is that okay?"

    Button nodded, which I only barely made out from his spot in the corner of my vision. "Just look around the place and tell me what you see."

    I looked around, seeing a mass of undead. "I see skeletons and zombies, spirits and...what are those? I see ghost forms moving around the cemetery, free of tombstones. They're black and full of hate."

    "Ah, those would be cursed forms of ghosts. If a spirit sits too long without any love or died in hate, well it can't be a white magic spirit anymore. They turn into any manner of things, then. That one there you see by the pine tree is actually a premature specter. Given enough time or hate, it will turn into a true specter and manifest in the corporeal realm."

    Button's attention turned from lecture back to lesson. "Okay, look at the Clarks again and try to say hi." He sensed my hesitation. "Go on, now. Just greet them."

    I looked again to the dead couple below me. Thinking of them as entities I could communicate with, rather than corpses to be disregarded, I could feel their death. They died in a car crash during a rain storm. Emma died instantly, while Bob sat in the car for an hour before he was taken into the ambulance he died in. The whole thing felt sad. I wanted to tell them sorry or bye rather than greet them.

    "No, I said greet. Don't dwell on what they want to say. We're not here to let them control us, after all." Button bit my earlobe to enforce his point. "They are your pawns. Don't ever let that fact get lost in emotion."
  2. Notepad Seffy Sefro

    Currently bogged down with a ton of ideas to write, but one in progress is M94's next episode. Here's a sneak peek if anybody wants to know a bit of what happens...


    From: Episode 12: DIE, BLACK HAT KNIGHT

    I had to get off my Walker and run to the side of the highway.

    Silus, being a newly-created shade, had no idea what to make of a human doubled-over and roaring on the side of a highway, all the while spewing out fluids of displeasurable odor.

    "Lord? Will you be needing bandages for that?" The shade dismounted and came to my side. "You sound as if you're laboring to breathe. Are you going to die?"

    I put a hand on his shoulder to gain support during a rather volatile dry heave. Everything seemed done. I wiped my face with a scrap of cloth and threw it to the roadside.

    "Lord, are those your entrails on the ground?" His glowing eyes studied me for anything he could learn of the situation. "Is that the smell of blood?"

    When I could talk again, I shook my head profusely. "No, Silus. I won't die and those are not my guts. I'm just sick, from the mana infusion and all."

    "Oh. Will you go mad, Lord? You were making strange sounds there. Like a madman, correct?"

    I got a good laugh from his assumptions. Unfortunately, shaking my belly so hard only sent me into a five-minute-long bout of dry heaves.

    "Lord, if there's a cursed spirit inside you, I can kill it or make it go away. Where shall I stab you?" He took my hand held out to him to mean I wanted my hand stabbed. Before I knew it, he took out and dagger and was swiping at my fingers.

    "No!" I fell to the ground, dizzy with mana intoxication. Only when I spoke did the shade stop his attacks. I was warned that using magic without proper time to train would have serious side effects. Like taking a potent dose of medicine, use of one's body as a conduit for mana had a way of really messing things up. And just like potent medicine, it took a while after using it to figure that out.

    Ready to black out, I forced myself to linger in half-conciousness from the sudden shouts of my sidekick.

    "Lord, humans on horseback are coming from up the road." I could barely see him with my watery eyes, but he seemed to be checking the distant bodies rushing at us. "They're sending a scout this way, Lord."

    Even in my state, I could tell what the scout was thinking. He saw a downed human and three monsters standing around the person. He would surely signal the others to come in and attack. That he did, with a waterball shot at Silus.

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