Tarox Red Aggro deck

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  1. RedandGold86 New Member

    Built this deck after seeing Tarox Bladewing from Future Sight. So far i've wrecked Urza-filled control decks, pure aggro decks, and Stuffy Doll "Bone You In The Oink" decks with it. It can move incredibly fast and throw out huge creatures with minimal fuss, provided the draws are right.

    The idea is: Bring out a creature fast and use a bunch of low mana pumps to pummel my opponent into dust before he can do anything.

    I can't shake the feeling that it's just not enough, so yeah, help me out guys!
    Things need taken out, things need put in, and some things I need more of, but what?

    1x Char-Rumbler
    1x Gathan Raiders
    3x Blood Knight
    1x Bogardan Lancer
    1x Storm Entity
    1x Wildfire Emissary
    1x Torchling
    1x Jaya Ballard, Task Mage
    2x Shivan Wumpus
    4x Tarox Bladewing
    4x Keldon Marauders

    4x Brute Force
    2x Molten Disaster
    4x Fatal Frenzy
    4x Ghostfire
    1x Fists of the Anvil
    2x Rift Bolt
    4x Seething Song
    1x Browbeat
    4x Haze of Rage
    3x Seal of Fire

    18x Mountains

    So yeah it appears to be a mess, after looking at it. It runs very well for some reason, but I realize the 1-of creatures are probably useless.

    Tear it apart, guys.
  2. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    My biggest concern (as always) are your One-of's. Is there any reason why, other than lack of resources, that you have so many of them?

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  3. RedandGold86 New Member

    Yeah, simply a lack of resources. I just got back into the game with the Time Spiral block and didn't have a lot of cards at my disposal. I"m hoping to shave it down and sharpen it up, but I'm not sure what to keep and what to ditch.
  4. Jareth Goblin King Grinning Lavamancer

    Add two more Browbeats.

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